Thank You HJU for these past 5 years...


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5 years ago to this day, I did something I was at the time, skeptical about....I joined this forum.
Now I wasn't really familiar with forums at the time, so I was a bit hesitant, but I'm glad I fell through with it. In these past 5 years I've gotten to know so many people, see members come and go, laugh, cry, get pumped up for new shows, it was a life-changer.
I've gotten to know some really good friends in the RSCC thread and even got to met a few members in real life too.
I have had a blast talking to everyone here, this became my 2nd home. There isn't a day where I am not on this site.

In short, I just really wanted to thank you all for being awesome. I never would've thought I would see myself being here so long, I thought I would just lurk around for a while and be done with it. But I ended up being an avid poster on this forum. Now although I'm not as active in posting as I used to be, I still enjoy reading everyone's posts. I hope you guys never change.

So thank you everyone at Henshin Justice Unlimited! :patriotic: :nipponlove:
Hope to still be here when I celebrate my 10th! ;D

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Couldn't have done it without you... all of you. :thumbs:



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Yea man, that's crazy. I was skeptical as **** too..but uhh.. now my post count says otherwise.

Inui Takumi

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Damn, have I really known you for 5 years? That's like 4 and a half years too long. :p :castlerock: