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KRiderBlues Sales Thread

If the figure is in a picture but not listed,it's already gone

I've got a bunch of Bionicle sets that I've been needing to sell off,here's a rough list of what I know I have.If there's anything you would want or you need to see pics of,send me a PM.If I find anything else,I'll post it.
Toa Nuva 8566-8572
Rahkshi 8587-8592
Matoran 8581-8586
Makuta 8593
Takua and Pewku 8595
Takanuva 8596
Toa Metru 8601-0806
Vahki 8615 & 8618
Toa Lhikan & Kikanalo 8811
Krekka 8623
Ultimate Dume 10202
Toa Hordika 8736-8741
Visorak 8742-8747
Toa Iruini 8762
Voporak 10203
Toa Inika 8727-8232
Piraka 8900-8905
Barraki 8916 & 8919

In desperate need of money now.Cutting down prices on most of my items.

Gaia Memories(All Memories $5):
CS 2 Bird
CS 2 Key
CS 2 Rocket
CS 2 Xtreme
Capsule Xtreme(Gold Tip)
Capsule Xtreme(Silver Tip)

All Armada Figures come with their Mini-Cons

Scavenger(Complete,Damage on the rubber of the back wheel,a chunk was torn off,electronics can still be roll-activated) $8
Smokescreen(No missle) $4
Rhinox(Complete) $5

Mini-Con Sets:
Air Defense Mini-Con Team(Star Saber connections slightly cracked,mostly broken on Runway,but connection still possible)
Race Mini-Con Team(missing Downshift) $1
Space Mini-Con Team(missing Astroscope) $1
Adventure Mini-Con Team(missing Iceberg) $1

Scavenger's wheel


Megatron(No Missle,Larger version) $17
Ironhide(Complete) $9
Jetfire(Complete) $9
Landmine(Complete) $12
Rodimus(Complete) $5
Strongarm(Complete) $3
Signal Flare(Complete) $3



Movie Line:
Premium Leader Prime(Complete) $18
Ratchet(w/Reprolabels) $12
Thundercracker(Complete) $8
Concept Camaro Bumblebee(Complete)A small peg broke off from door,can still transform fine $7
Breakaway(Neck joint modded) $4
Swindle(Door originally broke off,can still stay on) $3
Skids $5
Mudflap(Complete) $5
Rampage(Has same issue as Bumblebee,but can still transform fine) $3
Dirge $4


All Star:Batman(Yellow oval,complete w/ figure stand)
" " Power Girl(w/ figure stand) $8
" " Flash(Metallic ver. w/figure stand) $9
Wave 4:Cyborg(KB Toys excl.) $8
Wave 6:Mister Miracle(complete) $8
Wave 7:Booster Gold(Collared,complete) $8
Wave 11:Steppenwolf(Classic,complete) $7
Wave 12:The Spectre(Non-glow) $6
" " :Mary Batson(White Costume)Fragile neck joint,glued in place $5
" " :Iron(Complete) $8
Wave 13:Blue Beetle(complete) $9
Green Lantern Wave 1:Manhunter Robot(complete) $9
2-Pack Hal Jordan & Sinestro $13 each or $20 together

BAF Pieces: $4 for each piece
Despero(Right Arm)
Kalibak(Right Leg)
Atom Smasher(Left Leg,Lower Torso,Head)
Darkseid(Left LegTorso,Right Arm w/ Killing Glove)
Trigon(Left Leg)


Green Lantern Movie Masters
Hal Jordan(Maskless) Figure Only(Offer)

Icarius(Flipshot) $35(shipped)
Slush Head $35(shipped)

MegaMan NT Warrior(Name a price for any MegaMan figures):
Crossfusion MegaMan
Double Soul Sets(Search,Proto,Guts,Thunder,Metal)

Video Games
Marvel Ultimate Alliance(Wii) $15
Bully:Scholarship Edition(Wii) $15
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Is the Sinestro figure behind Power Girl available?

Sorry I forgot to put up a listing for both Sinestro and Hal.Yeah,just as I put $18 for one of the 2 Pack and he will come with all accessories.If you want the half/half Power Battery that will cost a little extra.

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