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Terrifier 2 is going to stream on Screambox this coming October 6. This sequel brings back the creepy Clown that is more interested in making people scream than laugh. Art, the Clown, has resumed his murderous rampage, and he is even more frightening than before. Imagine for a moment that you awoke in the middle of the night all by yourself, and the first thing that met your eyes was Art the Clown.
2019 was the beginning of this movie’s filming, but the pandemic happened. Even Killer Clowns must follow Covid 19 protocols. Despite all the troubles and challenges, director and writer Damien Leone still finished the film, and now it is ready to premiere. Terrifier 3 is now in the planning stages because Leone is so optimistic about the success of Terrifier 2.
Kudos to the team’s resilience behind this...

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This shouldn't take your attention away from the fact that Art didn't say a word in the first movie; this is known as a silent killer. Literally! Pennywise appears to be a Disney Pixar figure thanks to Art The Killer Clown.


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This is certainly one of the scariest movies I've ever seen, despite the low budget! The first time, when he followed them into the diner! I didn't ask for a part two, but I'm delighted to see that they actually made a second one since this guy's work is absolutely horrific. Most clowns tend to look cheap, like in the latest IT movie. David Howard Thornton should win an award because he is acting without the need of talking.
He should be in Dead By Daylight since it is the horror hall of fame; he deserves to sit at the same table as the other renowned horror film slashers. Additionally, he is less expensive than Jason or Pennywise.


Art is a work of genius. To learn how to make a horror movie effectively, everyone interested should see Terrifier. I'm eager to see the follow-up.
Considering how much I appreciate horror films, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the first one. It was simply soaked in low-budget early 1980s horror films, which I adore. Really anticipating the follow-up We need to get rid of slashers, everyone was saying in the late 1980s. Holy canoli, this decade needs a slasher mania. The ghost flicks are over for us. AND HOLY SH*T Art the clown is going to be big. WE WANT SLASHERS. I don't care if they produce 10 horror films. For the past 20 years, Art has been the best horror character.


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Despite my fear of clowns, I must admit that I watched Terrifier and have become a major fan. It was fucking wonderful when Tara saw Art inside the structure standing still with a scalpel in his hands and covered in blood.

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This promises to be superb. I can clearly tell that it was advanced, and I can't wait! Greetings to David Howard Thornton, Damien Leone, and the rest of the cast and crew. You appear to have a true treasure on your hands. I'm really excited to watch it!


By itself, this small franchise is reviving classic slasher movies from the 1980s and 1990s. Out with the constant subtext and in with
It looks pretty awesome. Without a doubt, I'll go see it. It has significantly more blood than the first one. anxiously awaiting the release.


He looks like a crossbreed between Valak and Babadook.
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I hope this movie will not start another flood of stupid clowns scarying people on streets. With tik-tok and other social media, it is big chance.


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Pennywise who? Art is super scary that his picture alone is beyond disturbing. Pennywise have a funny side while Art is seriously scary.