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Tentai Senshi Sun Red (天体戦士サンレッド Tentai Senshi San Reddo?, Astro Fighter Sun Red) is a Japanese manga created by Makoto Kubota. It started serialization on Square Enix's seinen manga magazine Young Gangan on August 25, 2005. An anime adaptation produced by AIC A.S.T.A. aired from October 3, 2008 to March 27, 2009 in Japan. The second season of the anime started airing on October 3, 2009. Each manga chapter and anime episode is referred to as a FIGHT.

The story revolves around the Tama River area, based mostly in Kawasaki City Kanagawa where battles are fought between the evil organisation Florsheim and the ally of justice Sun Red. The twist is that Sun Red (referred to most characters familiar with him as simply 'Red') is a rough-talking, violent and rude hero while the villains of Florsheim (led by General Vamp) are for the most part polite, conscientious and easy-going.

Despite this, both sides still stay true to their roles, with Florsheim dedicated to destroying Sun Red and taking over the world while Sun Red battles against them. Other evil organisations and heroes are also mentioned from time to time.

Each episode is divided into various shorts of varying length. Most of the humour comes from the interactions of the characters, especially the main trio of Sun Red, his girlfriend Kayoko and General Vamp. Kayoko and Vamp, for example, get along very well and she occasionally consults him about housework or cooking. In contrast, she and Sun Red often argue like a long married couple.


Big fan of this show :D
Usacotts and Sunred pair is adorable XD

Seiyuu of Vamp is the professor on Goseiger, isn't it?


When I feel sad or bored, watching this or Bakuman cheers me up.I guess the humor in this show is actually quite intereting.


Yeah, watching Sunred always cheers me up. Aside from the comedic stuff though, the bits of slice-of-life drama bits are also good, like in the final episode in season 1. Really glad they decided to add Kayoko as a character (IIRC she wasn't in the original manga) since she makes Red even more likeable as a character, and serves as a funny link for comedic situations between Red and Vamp.


Sun Red is really "that"


Pa pa pa paa paa paa (fuwa fuwa)


Anyone know if there any site providing scanlation of the manga? I only found first 6 chapter on Mangareader.
Kayoko is looks like...... a 40 years old woman on manga XD
And what the hell, Sunred is being so pushy to have a sex. IIRC, it was Kayoko on the anime who think about sex and Sunred usually the shy one...... if they're not fighting XD

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