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The XBox One has an open-world pirate MMO called Sea of Thieves….which the Playstation 4 will never have, as it was developed by a company within Microsoft. PS4 devotees who crave swashes to buckle will have to make do with Tempest, an open-world game with similar themes and settings….it was released on the system today.
In Tempest, you play as a pirate captain and his crew (natch). Build your ship, pick your men and sail the seas….three massive continents are out there for you to explore, with dozens of colonies and forts populating them, and rich treasure buried within.
But you’ve got some pretty distracting problems to deal with on your journey. Other pirates consider you their rivals and will try to beat you to treasure, or just outright eliminate you because you’re there. Then there’s the issue of gigantic Krakens emerging from the sea every now and then and trying to sink your ship with their massive tentacles. Go away, you guys!
On Day One (which is today), Tempest will...
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