Temperia: Soul Of Majestic Coming To PC

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Jun 20, 2012
Publisher Leonardo Interactive and developer Moonwolf Entertainment just announced a strategic card-combat video game they’re developing called Temperia: Soul Of Majestic. The main gimmick meant to set this apart from other card-based games like it is the fact that it’s “open-handed.”
What’s that mean? It means there are no face-down cards, nor are there cards you keep privately in your own hand before throwing them down. Your entire strategy will be on display, as well as that of your opponent’s. This turns the experience into more of a combination between traditional card games and chess. You’ll have to think critically about each move, because so will they!
In addition, each match will use 20 Creature cards and 20 Equipment cards, which will be different each time. No two matches will be the same!
●      OPEN-HANDED: One of the hallmarks of Temperia: Soul of Majestic lies in its “Open-Handed” mechanic, which allows  players to face one another with their cards exposed...

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