Tekken: Blood Vengeance (CG Film coming Summer 2011)


As a big Tekken player when I was younger, I am really happy to finally see this come to light. I hear the live action movie was a major fail, so to see a CG movie that actually looks legit makes me excited! Once again, Summer is looking really good right now. ;)

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Looks awesome. I just hope the finished product will be as cool as the trailer.


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eeeeh, it will probably be this overly-cryptic, long winded, oddly told story like everything else. I'l give it a look though. But when I see "screen play from Ghost int he Shell guy" Im like "eeeeeh..."


This could be awesome. Tekken's one of the fighting games with a good story and background to the characters, and with the quality of the in-game movies alone I'm sure they can pull it off at least on the quality of the animation.


Cast revealed:

* Ling Xiao Yu: Maaya Sakamoto [Evangelion (Mari Makinami)]
* Alisa Bosconovitch: Yuki Matsuoka [BLEACH (Orihime Inoue)]
* Kamiya Shin: Mamoru Miyano [Ultra Galaxy Legends (Zero)]
* Heihachi Mishima: Shinohara Masanori [Best House 123]
* Jin Kazama: Chiba Kazanobu [Detective Conan (Chiba)]
* Nina Williams: Atsuko Tanaka [Ghost in the Shell (Makoto Kusanagi)]
* Anna Williams: Akira Watanabe [To Love Ru (Yuuki Rito)]

Who the hell is Shin Kamiya? I can't remember him.
I checked wiki and nothing shows up. Google pointed me on a forum than Shin Kamiya is kinda related to Jin or something like that...
According to Harada on Facebook, Shin is a new character made for the movie.

Ling Xiaoyu voice actor Maya Sakamoto, who received the 2010 Famitsu Female Character Voice Award, is known not only for her work in voice acting, but also in theater and music.

Portraying Shin Kamiya, an all new character created for the movie, is Mamoru Miyano. Miyano, especially popular among female fans, is best known for his role of Light Yagami in Death Note.

Popular and experienced, these two join a lineup that breathe life into the unique characters of Tekken and are sure to please fans of the series.

Music will be done by Hitoshi Sakimoto, famous for his work on Ogre Battle and Final Fantasy Tactics.

Youichi Mouri, Director

“There is a lot conveyed in the facial animation of the CG, so I was a bit worried going into voice recording initially, but everyone was extremely talented. Character lines, emotion, individual characteristics – all were delivered perfectly.

About Maya Sakamoto’s performance of Ling Xiaoyu: “Thanks to Maya Sakamoto’s voice work, Xiaoyu really is portrayed as the positive, free-spirited high school girl that is also both strong but compassionate.”

About Mamoru Miyano’s performance of Shin Kamiya: “I believe that Mamoru Miyano’s individual flavor works well, portraying a boy who is simple, gentle, and intelligent, but with a hint of a dark atmosphere to him.”
Seeing as the movie just finished airing in its one night only premiere, and rather than creating a new thread, I'd figured that I just revive this thread.

I just got back from seeing the movie about an hour ago and spent my time writing everything that I could remember about it. A summary about it will be coming later from me.

All I can say about the movie was that I thought it was good, wished that it wasn't in 3D (I wear glasses, I don't like wearing glasses over glasses.) I felt like the movie had a good pace, not to fast not to slow. The movie ran for about an hour and a half. The only thing I really hate about it was Jin's voice actor (I was like shut up and don't talk again! To me, it didn't seem like Jin) and the fact that every time they say "Jin" it sounded like "Gin" to me.


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Some friends and I had the privilege of seeing a private screening after the original screening at about 11 p.m last night in Tupelo. Even the original screening wasn't very busy. Apparently Tekken's not too popular in Tupelo, or people just didn't want to pony up the $10 for a movie that's coming straight to DVD in a matter of weeks.

All in all, the movie is quite good. I agree mostly with the post above, because I wasn't a huge fan of the voice acting myself, specifically Jin and sometimes Xiaoyu. The CG animation was great for the most part, but at times it felt like I was watching an incredibly long Tekken intro. My big peeve (which is a stupid one) is that Lee Chaolan played such a small role. I'll refrain from spoiling any further.

I do recommend it to any Tekken fan, but in retrospect it wasn't worth the hour drive. Regardless, this film completely overshadows that god-awul live-action adaption.

Lee part was just like "what?" And I'm surprised that Anna didn't know who Lee was.

The only reason I went to see it was cause I won free tickets. The theater I went to had a good amount of Tekken fans. It wasn't full, about 70% full I would have to say. The price was $15 a ticket.

And yeah, this film was way much better than the god awful live action movie (only thing good about that was the ethnicity of the cast and martial arts scenes). I believe this movie will come out in December with the Tekken Hybrid package, which includes this movie and an HD edition of Tekken Tag)

Another thing, if your used to the voice acting in the games, especially Jin's, watch it in Japanese. The only voices that I like in the Eng dub was Anna, Nina, and Heihachi. Ok voices were Xiaoyu and Alisa. Kazuya's voice ranked over Jin.
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I thought the movie was okay. The animation was fantastic. If you enjoy the cut scenes in Tekken 6 then the movie definitely would not fail to please. The only complaint I have is the lack of other characters. Other than Alisa, Xiaoyu, Anna, Nina, Jin, Kazuma, Kazuya, Heihachi, and Panda there wasn't hardly anybody. Like Ikusa mentioned, Lee was in the film but didn't even throw a punch. Ganryu made a brief appearance as well but is hardly worth mentioning. The voice actors weren't the best. I really wish it would have been in Japanese, but oh well. I don't know how anybody else feels about it, but I thought the whole plot was like "lolwut." :laugh:

I do have to say it was awesome seeing Tekken on the big screen though. It did have some nice action and Alisa is never hard to look at. :thumbs:
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lol :buttrock: So this just came out already right? Why didn't they have commercials? I hate when some movies do that because I don't understand why.is it budget related or something?
This isn't your typical hollywood flick, with a shitload of marketing. This "preview" was basically their way of marketing the upcoming DVD release. Plus, it was only screened in select cities for one night.


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This isn't your typical hollywood flick, with a shitload of marketing. This "preview" was basically their way of marketing the upcoming DVD release. Plus, it was only screened in select cities for one night.
oOoh..thanks for clearing that up. So when's it hit DVD?


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oOoh..thanks for clearing that up. So when's it hit DVD?
They're aiming for November with Blu-Ray, I'm not so sure about DVD. Most likely around the same time or together. This probably applies to the release of the Tekken hybrid Blu-Ray for PS3 as well.
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