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Tekken 8 is coming to PlayStation 5. This game has been in development for years, and we finally get a sneak peek. Unlike Tekken 7, I just remastered the models of returning legacy characters. Kazuya Mishima and his son Jin Kazama got from scratch. No more copy-pasted models from previous games. Legacy characters will be using new models. Jin is noticeably swole than the last game. The first trailer didn’t reveal any information about the roster, but it confirms the Father and son whose favorite bonding time is killing each other.
Tekken 8 Trailer

There is no mention of a time skip for this game, but Jin looks noticeably older. We see this dysfunctional family do what they love the most, Killing each other. This trailer may not reflect what the final product will look like, but the graphics look stunning. With Street Fighter 6 is going for a more realistic route on graphics after being stylized for years. Tekken 8 has no...

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Tekken always changes Protagonist every game: Tekken 1: Kazuya Mishima Tekken 2: Jun Kazama Tekken 3: Jin Kazama Tekken 4: Heihachi Mishima, Kazuya Mishima and Jin Kazama Tekken 5: Asuka Kazama Tekken 6: Lars Christensen Tekken 7: Akuma


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Wow, this looks incredible. Tekken has come a long way in the past 28 years. It appears that a movie or Game will effectively combine the two. I wonder if we'll have to wait until Tekken's 30th anniversary in 2024 for this. This Game looks great, by God. I recall playing Tekken 3 when I was little. The lore, aesthetics, customizability, fighting style, and depth of move sets make this Game the best. Nobody does it as well as Tekken.


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It looks fantastic. But it will be challenging to follow in the footsteps of Tekken 7, one of the best and most reliable fighting games ever made. I didn't want to buy Tekken 7 simply for Tekken 8 to release soon after, so I was waiting for a new Tekken game. I had a hunch one coming soon.


The quality of the graphics is improving! A more intricate environment interaction that won't obstruct the new aesthetic design is what I'm hoping for. The makeover of Jin's costume is fantastic; they stayed true to the original concept while enhancing it.
I knew it would be Tekken 8, so let's get started. These graphics are sickeningly great, and if any of them make it into the Game—for example, when you throw a punch, and the camera zooms in on you as you dodge—going to be awesome.
I wonder who is going to be the final boss this time around. I hope it wont be lame like Tekken 4, That Heihachi Rehash still upsets me.


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Jin had fought his dad,grandpa, Mom,Uncles,grandma and great grandfather. Then Mishimas are not the only messy family. We have the Williams Family, Nina and Anna tries killing each other for years. Nina also tried to kill her son Steve.