Team Samurai debuts as the Next DLC team for King of Fighters XV. Nakoruru, who made her KOF debut in KOF XIV, makes her return but with two different teammates. The last time she appeared in a KOF game. The Ainu princess teams up with Pachinko Machine characters Mui Mui and Love Heart.
The King of Fighters is SNK’s crossover game. The teams were composed of characters from SNK’s IPs like Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting, etc. Although in the recent games, it doesn’t feel like a crossover anymore. Recently, original characters have outnumbered characters from different SNK games.
Now Nakoruru teams up with her fellow Samurai Shodown characters.
This is the first time a Samurai Shodown team got represented in the King of Fighters. One of the reasons is that these characters are supposed to be dead as they are from a different historical era, Edo Period Japan. The only logical explanation is that Nakoruru is not only an...

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There are bitter fans complaining that Darli Dagger gets the slot instead of Galford, Ukyo and Genjuro. Here is the thing though, Darli is very popular in tournaments. When I play online I fought a lot of Darli mains. No Wonder SNK will favor her because she is money!
I'm delighted Darli was chosen for the Samurai Team; they could have chosen a traditional character like Ukyo or Genjuro, but I think Darli deserves some support because she's received well and offers something unique.

Sure Your Ken

She took the kids Ryu
I must admit that I wasn't excited about a Samurai Shodown team, but when I read that line about SNK's heroes being collected, I completely changed my mind. Shingo has also returned at last! Then, as it should have always been, Kim returns to being KIM KAPHWAN. Gotta admit, season 1 was really remarkable, and the fact that three Samsho fighters entered the fray was a wonderful way to cap it off. I'm hoping season 2 is just as fantastic. Regarding the person I hope to see in season 2,

Wyatt Kanzuki

Raccoon City Survivor
Damn!! Finally, the crazy SNK dudes and dudettes created a Samurai Shodown team for KOF! Thanks a lot! And I hope they stick around in next KOF games!! I now wonder if more SNK fighting game teams, like World Heroes and others, will be included in the DLCs. The KOF Allstars had WWE superstars, as I recall. I also want those.


The return of Shingo makes me incredibly happy. I'm delighted he's back because he was one of the few characters left that I truly wanted to see. Outstanding! Congrats, SNK! I am liking this so much! Although I'm thrilled that Shingo Yabuki and Kim Kaphwan are returning, there are still a ton of other characters whose reappearance I'd really like to witness. I'm hoping Shingo can now utilize the fire. If all transpires as described,He recently got trained by Saisho so I bet he have new skills.


Money Heister
I am already weirded on Nakoruru using swords in a no killing tournament like King of fighters, Now we have Haohmaru and Darli who even have larger swords. Just imagine if we have a Metal Slug team, those people uses guns.


Sleepy Coffee
I hope this doesn't mean SNK will stop making Samurai Shodown games because once a game joins KOF, No new games from that series is made for eons.

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