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Awhile back, Disney revealed they were looking into producing a She-Hulk TV series. We’ve heard nothing since, until this week when the casting news broke.
Back in 1980, The Incredible Hulk had his own show. So did Wonder Woman, The Bionic Woman and other such powered-up crime fighters of post-70s television. At Marvel, Stan Lee was worried that network execs would respond to Bionic Woman by inventing a female version of The Hulk…and if THEY did it, they could lay claim to it. He told artist John Buscema, “we need a lady variation on the Hulk NOW.”
Enter Jennifer Walters, cousin of Bruce Banner, who gets into an accident and needs a blood transfusion. Her relative is the only match, so he donates his irradiated blood…and she gains his powers! In fact, She-Hulk gets an improved version of what Bruce has…she can control her transformation at will and she doesn’t become a mindless primitive in the process.
She-Hulk became VERY different from most other Marvel superheroes of the day...
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