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Among all the video game publishers showing off their wares this month, Mastiff is probably low on the pole. They’re not known for much, but perhaps that’ll change when The Tarnishing Of Justia gets released later this year. We’ve talked about this game before and there will be live gameplay footage at Steam Next Fest, courtesy of Mastiff.
Featuring highly-detailed pixel art, stunning environments, dangerous traps and brutally vicious bosses, The Tarnishing of Juxtia delivers an immersive, unforgettable Souls-like action-RPG experience. Taking on the role of the final creation of the Goddess Juxtia, players are tasked with defeating the Shadow God Drelium of Crescentpeak – a mysterious, alien realm filled with strange machinery and occult magic. Along with a staggering variety of weapons, armor sets and abilities, The Tarnishing of Juxtia features an “Energy Rush” system as well – allowing the fiercest warriors to get a super-charged boost of stamina and mana after landing...

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I believe that having pixels move freely in a pixel art game makes the game seem worse. But this is the first game I've seen that I believe makes good use of that, and it's stunning. Not that I blame other pixel art game developers for doing the same thing.


The character models and animation are both terrible. The majority of the background and static props, on the other hand, look great. Much of the game screams Dark Souls without any of the imagination that made the first and other Souls-like games (Bloodborne) fantastic. Bandages make little sense as a healing mechanism if they come out too quickly and frequently for the more grounded fighting system; if you're going to steal the tarnished bit, you might as well steal the estus system and make the fountain water the consumable. Because swordplay is simple and uninteresting, you'll need a lot more to carry this game.

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Even though I enjoy these types of games (metroidvania), I usually avoid them because I never complete them. It's not that I don't want to finish them, but I always get bored and play something else, and by the time I feel like finishing them, I load my save and have no idea what I was doing or where I wanted to go. Indivisible Knight, Salt and Sanctuary, Cave Story and even Symphony of the Night were all affected.

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