Keith Justice

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Ooohhh... yeah, I see what's going on. It ask you to pay.

Is there a known free alternative?

Tapatalk... they're pretty stupid for cranking the price that high. 10 cents I doubt anyone would even think twice. At 3 bucks.. **** that!

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Yes...but it's a choice the person has to make, whether they want the app or not. Personally I already have the app, so it'd be nice for HJU to be a part of it.

Keith Justice

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Oh... alright.. yeah, I didn't want to require users to have to pay money to use it, but I guess you're right if there are people that already have it......

WebWizard has off today... bother me every two days or so and we'll see about getting this fired up.


I come from nowhere just to point out that I too got that the forum was iPhone native, would I like to use Tapatalk. I said yes and I bought it, I'm a little disappointed to see that it is not properly working. I believe ForumRunner is a similar and free alternative, which I would have waited for... until I got that notification...

I love this site and appreciate that it is run in such an organized way. And I wait for it to load on my iPhone all the time. Not complaining, just enjoying, even with the wait.

When I came here on my Android, it said that it supports Tapatalk but I can't find this board anywhere on it.


Has anyone used this app on the iPhone. Now that I've got a future-phone I want to try some apps, and when I visited this forum it suggested Tapatalk or Forum Runner. Anyboyd used them?


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I'm going to go ahead and merge this thread with the other one that we had where we talked about Tapatalk. A lot of what we said there should be able to help you guys out.


I'm also going to make this thread a sticky, since Tapatalk is becoming more and more commonly used by people.


Man I downloaded Tapatalk's newest version free online with out android market cause when I went on HJU on my android it said hju was on Tapatalk but I can't find hju on it so what is going on?


If you want the latest version of Tapatalk I can give you the link where I got it from

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