[TALK]Formula 1 Grand Prix 2010


In a few minutes the 2010 edition is going to start. Anyone here is interested in it?
For those of you that like it and want to discuss, this is the thread for doin that.
My fav team is, of course, the one and only Ferrari.

-official Formula 1 website-

Today's race:
Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix

[click the above pic for more info]

As you probably know, there's Vettel in pole position, with Massa and Alonso right there.

Another thing that could make this year more interesting is the comeback of Shumacher. What do you think about it?

Also, this year there are a few modifications [the gas thing, the point system...]What do you think? better or not?

Anyway, we're almost there...


Red Falcon
Fernando Alonso won the first race :dance:

I have a feeling Alonso is gonna be the world champion ... its just a huge feeling though (a fan of Alonso btw :))