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Netflix’s The Dragon Prince is at last getting its own tabletop RPG, and you could get the chance to try it out for free soon. Fandom Tabletop and Wonderstorm Studio, the ones currently developing Tales Of Xadia: The Dragon Prince RPG, have announced an open playtest taking place in a few days.
We’ve heard of beta tests for video games. But how does one hold an “open playtest” for a tabletop RPG, especially during a pandemic? Fandom plans to electronically send everyone who signs up the rules and mechanics necessary to play (most likely in the form of an early version of the rulebook). After the testers take the game for a spin, they’ll report back to Fandom and tell them what does and doesn’t work.
“Our goal with Tales of Xadia is to authentically capture the unique feel, expansive world, and epic stakes of The Dragon Prince,” says Adam Bradford, Executive Producer and Vice President of Tabletop at Fandom. “As we enter the public playtesting phase, we’re excited for fans to see...

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