Tails From Alteria Raises $11,871 On Kickstarter

Peter Paltridge

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When this one came into our inbox we thought “oh cool, a new Tales RPG from Namco” before examining the headline a little further. The first word is spelled “TAILS,” like Sonic’s sidekick. Yeah, we thought it was odd a Tales game revolved around two-dimensional foxes.
TAILS From Alteria is about Jeeve and Jayla, two white foxes with striped legs, as they wander around their world to stop the invasion of an extra-dimensional evil. We don’t mean “from another dimension,” they are called the 3Demons because unlike our protagonists, they have a Z-Axis. Like last year’s Demon’s Turf, the game’s graphical style is two-dimensional drawings against three-dimensional environments. The game is styled after the Paper Mario series in both presentation and gameplay, and sports a wild sense of humor and cartoon zaniness. Plus, Jeeve and Jayla can boogie!

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I love seeing successful kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns. They had surpassed the minimum of cash they were asking for. They reached some of their stretch goals and they only have 6 days left.