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Hi there everybody at HJU. I'm Taiko554, I have accounts on some other boards and decided it was time to get one on here. I'm a fan artist, although I don't make avatars and signatures. I do make pixel art. So, welcome to my pixel thread, I hope you enjoy what I've made.

Just to start it off, I've made all the title Hesei Riders. Here's a group shot:

From left to right, Hibiki, Kabuto, Den-O, Kiva, Decade, Kuuga, Agito, Ryuki, Faiz, and Blade.

I have a lot more to share, but I have to do some work first. Enjoy these for now.

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Well, I'll start in with the series then, although as of right now, I only have 2 done. I haven't done any movie riders b/c I don't feel like it...yet.

Here goes, KAMEN RIDER DEN-O!!!!!

The singularity point, Ryotaro Nogami, and Plat Form. Along with the bits and pieces that become the weapons for each form.

"Ore, Sanjou!" M-Ryotaro, Sword Form, and the sword.

"Omae, boku ni tsuraretemiru?!"U-Ryotaro, Rod Form, and the rod.

"Ore no tsuyosa ni omae ga naita!"K-Ryotaro, Axe Form, and the axe.

"Ii...Kotae wa kiitenai!"R-Ryotaro, Gun Form, and the gun.

"Kōrin, man o jishite!"S-Ryotaro, Wing Form, and the accompanying weapons.

Momo, Ura, Kin, Ryu...Climax Form!

Densha Giri!

Liner Form, with the DenKamen Sword.
"I'll tell you this for starters...I am fairly strong!" Yuto Sakurai, Zeronos Altair Form, Zero Form, and the Denebic Buster.

D-Yuto, Zeronos Vega Form, and both forms of the ZeroGasher.

So there's all the riders from the series of KR Den-O. All the edits to the Acatl templates are mine. I made the hairs and facial expressions, along with the edits to the clothes, weapons, and rider forms. So what do ppl think of them?



Remember when you started these with your kiva stuff. I'll never figure out how you did that chess board. Keep up the great work man, these still look awesome!


Thanks for the comments. Speaking of my Kiva works, here they are.

Wataru, KR Kiva: Kiva Form, Dogabaki Form, Emperor Dogabaki Form, Emperor Form. And a lot of random Kiva accessories, Kivat III, Tatsulot, Zanvat and the Zanvat Sword, the Fuestles, Bloody Rose, and Kivat's "home violin".

Jiro, Garulu Form, Fuestle, Bust, and Saber.

Ramon, Bashaa Form, Fuestle, Bust, and Magnum.

Rikki, Dogga Form, Fuestle, Bust, and Hammer.

Nago, IXA Save, Burst, and Rising Mode. Along with the IXA Fuestles, Knuckle, Calibur Sword/Gun, and Riser.

Taiga, Saga, Sagarc, The Jacoder, and Fuestle.

The King of '86, Dark Kiva, and Kivat II.

1st Line: Wataru, Shizuka, Kengo, Maya
2nd Line: Nago, Megumi, Kengo (badass version), Shima, Kido

2008 Checkmate 4: Taiga (King), Mio (Queen), Bishop, Rook

Otoya, Yuri, Shima (younger), Kido

1986 Checkmate 4: King, Maya (Queen), Bishop, Rook

Jiro, Ramon, and Rikki in 1986 (top row) and 2008 (bottom row).

The basic template and basic clothing belong to Acatl, all edits are mine. All the hairs and KR suits were made by me. Please don't touch anything without permission from me. Thanks, and comments are welcome.

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Thanks man. It'll be a while before I do more riders and their civilian counterparts. It takes a lot of time to do that stuff.
But this little sucker took me a few days to make:


Same credits. The only thing not mine is the original base. Please don't touch anything without permission from me. Thanks, and comments are welcome.



Now I'm going to go ahead and post some original stuff.
Here's the team I take the most pride in. For one, it took me forever to make, and two because it has so many aspects/hidden meanings.

Juunishi Sentai Archanger!
" Juunishi" refers to the 12 animals of the zodiac, and "Archanger" is a pun on "archangel".
Kenny Wells. "The Impulsive Tiger of Jupiter! Archred!" Master Rajah.
David Cash. "The Objective Gorilla of Neptune! Archblue!" Master Kerchak.
Rob Willis. "The Virtuous Ram of Saturn! Archgreen!" Master Bagheera.
Audrey Hurley. "The Elegant Python of Mercury! Archyellow!" Master Kaa.
Diane Hawn. "The Zealous Falcon of Venus! Archpink!" Master Zazu.
Sean Eastwood. "The Astute Stallion of Mars! Archrimson!" Master Khan.
Gleen Andrews. "The Honest Boar of Uranus! Archorange!" Master Pumba.
Whitney Moore. "The Gracious Rabbit of Pluto! Archyan!" Master Thumper.
Jon Murphy. "The Methodical Ox of Chiron! Archviolet!" Master Hathi.
Al Diamond. "The Noble Dragon of the Sun! Archgold! Master Mushu.
Michael Bowie. "The Practical Wolf of the Moon! Archsilver!" Mater Akela.
Olivia Armstrong. "The Diligent Porcupine of Ceres! Archbronze!" Master Minnie.

Some info on the team:
"Juunishi" is a term which refers to the 12 animals of the zodiac. "Archanger" is a pun on "archangel". The symbols on the helmets is the rangers' respective celestial object. The symbols on the belts is the rangers' numerical designation (different from the animals' order in the zodiac) in Japanese.
The chest design is a tortoise: the head goes to the neck, the front flippers go to the shoulders, and the back flippers are the inner markings on the abdomen which go to the belt. The "shell" has 12 spots, one for each animal of the zodiac.
The masters' togas have the "shell" with their place in the zodiac colored in. The symbol on the right hip area of the masters' togas is Chinese for their respective animals.
Each ranger's name is taken from two famous people who have that zodiac sign:
Kenny Wells=Kenny Rogers, H.G. Wells.
David Cash=David Copperfield, Johnny Cash.
Rob Willis=Robert De Niro, Bruce Willis.
Audrey Hurley=Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Hurley.
Diane Hawn=Diane Keaton, Goldie Hawn.
Sean Eastwood=Sean Connery, Clint Eastwood. (probably my favorite pairing).
Glenn Andrews=Glenn Close, Julie Andrews.
Whitney Moore=Whitney Houston, Roger Moore.
Jon Murphy=Jon Bon Jovi, Eddie Murphy.
Al Diamond=Al Pacino, Neil Diamond.
Michael Bowie=Michael Jackson, David Bowie.
Olivia Armstrong=Olivia Newton-John, Louis Armstrong.
The masters' names are taken from Disney movies. I tried to find a name that came from a character that was the same or close to the same animal of the masters. Some just didn't work out at all, so I just found one I liked.
Rajah is from Aladdin. Kerchak is from Tarzan. Bagheera, Kaa, Hathi, and Akela are from Jungle Book. Zazu and Pumba are from Lion King. Khan and Mushu are from Mulan. Thumper is from Bambi. Minnie is from Minnie Mouse.

Credit to Acatl for the template. All the designs on the clothing are mine. Other pieces of clothing are recolored from Acatl's templates. The hairs of Robert, Diane, Sean, Whitney, and Olivia were edited from Acatl's site. The rest were made by me. Kenny's shirt has a head-on look at a tiger. I think the sleeves kinda look like flames, and that wasn't intentional, but it looks cool. The 10 on David's shirt is because the monkey is tenth in the zodiac. Rob's shirt is the Green Lantern. Maybe not too original, having the green ranger with the Green Lantern insignia, but w/e. Audrey's shirt has a snake coiled up (kinda). Diane's shirt is supposed to have a sakura (cherry blossom) design to it, but I don't know how recognizable that is. Sean's shirt is just a star, but the camo pants are b/c Mars was the God of War in Roman mythology. Glenn just has an orange shirt and a jacket (I was lazy with her clothing). Whitney has a bunny on her shirt. Jon's shirt has a ninja in purple about to slash through (kinda hard to see b/c I stupidly put the ninja in the center). Al's shirt has a dragon on it. Michael's shirt has the moon, whistling? Olivia's shirt has a cleft note one it.
Other than the basic template, everything on the masters is all mine. The open hands are also mine. Their faces, skins, heads, tails, hair, quills, wings, scales, designs, togas, are mine. The togas were originally meant to be based on Buddhist monk robes, but the dragon kinda messed up that look, so I decided on togas. The dragon is heavily based off an Asian-styled dragon rather than a Western/European one. I know the python (maybe even dragon) would look more believable without legs and just a tail, but I wanted the masters to be more human than beast.

Please do not touch anything here without my permission. Especially the masters, it took a while to make those suckers, so please don't touch those. Thanks and enjoy. Sorry for making you read all that (if you did;))



Aw man, Green Lantern. You're a man after my own heart.

Something tells me that when they henshin, the little circle symbol on their chest spins into place. Not sure why...


Here's an idea I had about Kiva. It's kinda a prequel to the whole story, an origin to the Kiva armor. The story is kinda stupid, but it's just what I think could've happened in the Kiva universe.

Centuries ago, humanity was protected by what humans termed angels, beings who lived lived in the heavens. This species that protected humanity from itself was know as the Grifan race. The Grifan protected humanity from other species like the Wolfen, Merman, and Franken races. The Grifan kept humanity in check so that humanity would not destroy itself and go extinct. When wars arose, the Grifan were there to put an end to the conflict, the Grifan guided humanity towards new lands and gave humanity all it would need to survive. The Grifan were the beginning of humanity's many religions. The Grifan were ruled by a king, the most powerful of their kind. His armor was said to invoke both fear and awe in the hearts of humans and Grifan.
The King had two sons, one by the Queen of the of the Grifan and one by a human woman. It was customary in the Grifan race for the King to be succeeded by his son with human lineage, as the human blood made the Grifan stronger. Each King of the Grifan was half human, half Grifan, but stronger than both. His hybrid nature allowed him to be able to wear the armor of the Grifan King.
When the King's oldest (pure Grifan blood) son came of age, the pure Grifan son saw it as his right to have the throne of the Grifan. He thought his half-brother was too weak and would not be able to rule over the Grifan race. The King of the Grifan banished the oldest son to the deepest caves of Earth for eternity. This son was furious that his half brother would ascend to the throne of the Grifan. The eldest son wandered the caves of Earth until he eventually found a bat that spoke his language. The bat (Kivat I) told the son he could give him the power he wanted for his vengeance, if he was strong enough. Indeed, the son was strong enough to use Kivat's power, and he became the first Kiva of Earth. The eldest son then amassed an army of other Grifan who had too been banished from the Heavens for an attack upon his father.
These rogue Grifan, now calling themselves Fangire, traveled throughout Earth, feeding on humans to attract the attention of the Grifan King and his army. When the King could no longer let humanity suffer by the hand of his own son, the King descended to Earth to put an end to his son's actions. A war broke out between the two sides, Grifan and Fangire. The King of the Grifan and his son donned their respective armors and fought to the death. Unfortunately, the power of darkness won, and the King fell at his son's hand. The remaining Grifan were then slaughtered by the Fangire so that there would be no warrior Grifan left in the Heavens.
However, when the half-blood son saw his father die at his brother's hand, he could not stand by and allow his home to be destroyed. As he was now the King of the Griffan since his father was killed, he was able to don the armor of his race, called Tsubasa. He called for the hawk-like creature (Tsubasawk) that was able to grant him the power, then he called his brother out to a one-on-one duel to decide the fate of the Grifan and Fangire. Seven days and seven nights passed and the two were still battling each other. Mountains were leveled, volcanoes erupted, storms raged, and seas were shifted by the raw force of the two powerful beings fighting one another. On the morning of the eight day, the older son realized he could not defeat his brother. His brother's human bloodline gave him an advantage on the battlefield, one that the Kiva armor could not surpass. The older brother told the half-blood brother that he surrendered, but it was only a trick. When the half-blood brother took off the Tsubasa armor, the older brother struck him through the heart. The older brother then bound his brother and cast him and Tsubasawk in an iron coffin and tossed them into the deepest sea, never to be heard from again.
The pure-blood brother led his army of Fangire to the Heavens and destroyed every part of his former life as a protector of humanity. Any Grifan who would not swear allegiance to their new King, and take the title of Fangire was destroyed. The King of Fangire created rules for all Fangire to live by:
(1)Humankind is no longer to be protected.
(2)Humanity is now a source of food, that is the only reason they should be allowed to reproduce.
(3)Humanity is not allowed to become more advanced than the Fanigre in any way.
(4)No Fangire is to love a human as the unity between Fangire (Grifan) and human bloods will bring a threat to the King.

Here's the armor of the Grifan, Tsubasa, along with Tsubasawk.

The first Kiva suit, along with Kivat I.

Now both together, just for the hell of it.

So, it should be obvious why he's called Tsubasa (as it means "wing" in Japanese). I wanted to make something that was almost the complete opposite of Kiva. Since that would mean something, non-bat, I went with a bird. At first, I played around with "Tsume" (claw/talon) and Tsumeagle, Tsumek, but then Tsubasa and Tsubasawk were just a lot better. The chest piece is called "Heaven's Gate" rather than Kiva's "Hell's Gate". Tsubasa is based a little off of Den-O Wing Form.



Over my Spring Break, I was thinking about what they might look like if they were a little bit more samurai-ish. Then I saw a fan art pic of exactly that (in the Shinkenger thread), and decided to more or less pixel that image. So here's my interpretation of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.

Everything here is mine, with the exception of the basic templates. Please don't touch anything without my permission. Thanks.

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And the canon in-show suits as well:

Same credits: Acatl for the basic templates, the rest is mine. I used black for Gold's arms and legs because it I thought it looked better than indigo. Please don't touch anything without permission. Thanks.
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Thanks for the comment!

These suits were just my attempt at more Shinkengers. I liked them better in the more samurai-ish style.

Shinkenviolet. Sound.
Shinkencyan. River.
Shinkengray. Metal.
Shikenchartreuse. Flower.
Shinkenorange. Mountain.
The only helmets I actually like from this group are Metal and Mountain. The others I'm kinda iffy about. If anybody has a better name suggestion for "Shinkenchartreuse", the color is actually yellow-green. I just didn't want to call her "Shinkenyellowgreen". Haha.

As always, Credit goes to Acatl for the basic templates, and Kali for the symmetrical female. Everything else is mine. Please don't touch anything without permission. Thanks.

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Well, back to some Kamen Rider pixels. Kiva and Den-O are done, so keep going back, and it's time for KR Kabuto (my personal favorite season)!!!

"Walking the path of Heaven, the man who will rule over everything...Tendou Souji!"

Tendou Souji, the main character, all around bad-ass who quotes his grandmother. Then there's KR Kabuto Masked Form and Rider Form. And then the Kabuto Zecter, and the three-way Kunai Gun: Kunai Mode, Gun Mode, and Axe Mode.

The basic male template and basic clothing templates are credited to Acatl. All else is mine. Everything on the rider suits is mine, the zecter, weapon modes, hair, and edits to clothing were all done by me. Please don't touch anything without permission from me. Thanks.



Here's the next bit of KR Kabuto:
KR ZaBee and it's four users (although the last 2 only used it once).

Sou Yaguruma, Shun Kageyama, Arata Kagami, and Masato Mishima. Followed by ZaBee Masked Form, Rider Form, and ZaBee zecter.

Basic male template and basic clothing are credited to Acatl. Everything else is mine. Please don't touch anything. Thanks.



Holy wow.

Taiko that Zabii is awesome bro.

Keep those pixels coming.

So did you do the Rider form, then the Masked form over it?


Thanks for the comment!
And yes, I did the Rider Form first. It would've been way harder if I had done the Cast Form first. Although, I originally did Kabuto's Rider Form, followed by his Cast Form. ZaBee's forms were huge edits of Kabuto's.


I have a question. This is my first time in your thread and I think it's cool. What I'd like to know is where can I get the templates you were talking about and what do you do to them? I am inspired to do something, and I'd like to know where to start.


Here's all the templates the creator, Acatl, has made for free use. These include the colors, people/creatures, and clothing (located via link at the bottom).
If you do decide to use his templates, it's polite to credit him for it.

Personally, I edit the templates via MSPaint. I use the various tools that program has, the paintbrush, bucket, pencil, etc. It's a very basic program, but for me, that's nice. And it gets what I want to do, done. Some other ppl that make pixel images use other programs, the only one I can remember right now is GIMP.