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In the overhead strategy game genre, there are a handful of titles that stand above the rest, considered to be all-time classics. Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together is one of them, and as proof, it continues to be released and re-released over and over. The game first appeared in 1995 as a Japanese exclusive on the Super Famicom, but first visited the West in the form of its Playstation port a few years later, where it received rave reviews.
The last time anyone saw it was when another remake hit the PSP, and it’s been a long time since that handheld was relevant. Seems it’s time for another rebirth. And whaddya know — there it is now, Tactics Ogre Reborn.
The development of this new version is hardly a secret, its existence all but confirmed thanks to endless leaks and rumors. Today, however, was the day Square Enix fully admitted it. Tactics Ogre Reborn will have everything the previous versions had, plus these additions:

– Fight pitched tactical battles on three-dimensional...

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I've always thought that Tactics Ogre was a better game than FF Tactics. For example, if you're only going to have 5 characters on your team, why not just make it a regular role-playing game? It's a strategy game, so at least make it look like an army squad instead of a group of 5 friends. awesome news.


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I have fond memories with tactics ogre. I'm really happy that class levels will no longer be used. It made the game too much of a grind, and you couldn't unlock new classes until the very end, so they didn't level up very quickly. In the original version, there were elemental affinities. I'm glad to see them back, too. One thing we've noticed is that the character TP that was in the PSP version doesn't seem to be there. Will they make the skills simpler or get rid of a lot of them? Some were great, but a lot of them were also hard, which made them less fun to play again. All that your opponents did was try to change your status. When you got stronger, the game became easier.


Final Fantasy Tactics needs to be made over right now. I didn't like the PS3 version better because the dialogue was changed, but I loved the cut scenes. I've been waiting decades for that remake and now we got it.


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People who like FFT (mostly because they played it first) have my respect and understanding, but T. Ogre is the best. The T. Ogre series came first, and FFT was based on it. I also think people should try out the GameBoy Advance game Tactic Ogre. I think it's called King of Lodis or something like that. Even though the graphics are "older," the game is still a lot of fun.


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I really enjoy it. I wasted a lot of time, but I got every item and every armor set. It's great to hear that jobs no longer have levels. That was a pain. I missed a lot of things from the previous games, like the equip system, which let me put on two swords and have two attacks and two counterattacks, as well as any one piece of armor and any accessories. The way emblems worked in Knights of Lodis was something I liked. It gives you accomplishments that have effects, a job you can switch to, or more stats. I am looking forward to this new version as a whole.

This is in no way meant to insult FFT. I love the game, though. My favorite is by far A2 (NDS), probably because it's a lot more like Tactic Ogre. But, if you like tactics games, you should try this one. It is, in fact, the most important one.