Tech Tablet or Laptop?

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I am going to be getting either a new tablet or a new laptop. I am not sure which one to get.
Basically I will use it for writing, posting on forums, general surfing.
I would like to have some storage, but I can store all of my pictures online.
I was interested in the Microsoft Surface, but am not sure if it is what I need.

Help me out! What should I get?


I would definitely choose a laptop. But then again, when you say about storage, maybe you'd be fine with a tablet. I really don't like the idea of a tablet and find it a lot easier to type on a laptop keyboard than a touch screen... It might take some getting used to though.


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I have both a laptop and an iPad, and I use the iPad for almost everything I want to do online. I really like the touchscreen, and I also like how lightweight it is. I usually sit in my recliner with the iPad on my lap, and I don't have any problem with using the keyboard for my typing.
I do have pretty much of everything stored in the cloud, but the iPad actually has a whole lot more room than I am using, so I could store more on it if I wanted to do that.


I have a tablet and a laptop, and they both have advantages. The tablet is nice and small so I can take it anywhere with me. The laptop is strong and durable with lots of storage and I can play DVDs on it. I think I'm still attached to my laptop, but I don't want to be left in the stone age by technology.


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I was thinking of the Surface tablet with the keyboard.
Thank you all for responding, you have given me lots to consider.


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Hey there. What a hard decision to take, eh? I guess it depends alot on the usage, but as you'll use it for writing, I'd suggest a laptop. Then again, you can have a keyboard on your tablet, but that'll just screw the point of having a tablet. A laptop has usually better performance and it's in my opinion the best choise for your purposes. I see tablets as something I'd buy to check facebook, read an e-book(for people who likes it), play some games...
It depends on your preference. I have both a tablet and a computer. I use my tablet for portability, which I often check my e-mails, study, planning, web browsing, business, and photography. I mainly use my computer for research and typing. I have a Samsung Note 8.0, which is the best tablet I have ever had. The S-Pen was the reason I bought the tablet.