T-Pain reveals the number of streams a song must have before a singer makes dough

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T-pain reveals a fact about the Music industry most fans are not aware of. Before the age of digital streaming, we get music from optical media like cassettes, Vinyl, and CDs.  Bands and singers are pressured to sell millions of copies to make money out of their records. Some people are too poor to afford to buy albums and singles that they resort to piracy. Remember when RIAA(Recording Industry Association of America) filed a lawsuit against a single mom, a college student, and a 12-year-old girl so they can download songs?
The man inside this costume is T-pain BTW

The Music industry eventually realize that not everyone can afford to buy a $20 CD. So they compromise and find a way to make money out of fans.
Digital streaming changed the game because Recording artists can now make money without forcing their fans to spend money. Singers don’t sell songs anymore.  You can now support your...

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From this Youtube pay less money. I will share this with some my friends which have ideas about streaming their songs. Other platforms are much better in rates. If somebody become popular it could be nice money for few thousands views.


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When YouTube unfairly demonetized legitimate channels while rule breakers prospered and made money, I lost trust in the company. Now, they continue to do this. They pay musicians pitiful amounts only because they are the largest company. I'll now sign up for the other platforms.


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Nobody listened to Prince (1958-2016). I seem to remember his complaints about the music industry. I also the group TLC and Chiki, one of the singers of th 3-girl group, explaining how they had sold so many millions of records but they had hardly any money to show for it. Even with digital music, the music industry is still not for those who don't have drive and ambition to be a success!

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