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Since the game’s inception in 2015, publisher Free League has released several volumes and expansions in the Symbaroum series, as well as at least four Adventure Packs. A newcomer might look at all that and have no idea where to begin.
That is, until now. Free League just introduced Treasure Hunts in Davokar, the Symbaroum Starter Set, to the market. It contains everything you need to immerse yourself in its world for the first time.
The long-lost artifact known as the Rod of Light and Darkness had a touch that could breathe life into dead things or steal it away from that which lived. In this very moment, the location of the artifact has been revealed, an opportunity that cannot be ignored. But it rests in an area known to treasure-hunters as a place where lightning rain burns flesh and shatters dreams…
Inside the Starter Set you’ll find two adventure sites, a set of guidelines for creating treasure hunt adventures, a 64-page rulebook, a 64-page adventure compendium, a dice set...
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