Sword Smith Village Arc- The Next Demon Slayer Season

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Sword Smith Village Arc is the next Demon Slayer Anime chapter. Season 2 is composed of the extended version of the  Mugen Train and the Entertainment district arc.  Koyoharu Gotouge  will be making more money. The trailer for the Swordsmith Village Arc is finally released. Tanjiro Kamado will continue his quest to find the cure for his Sister Nezuko by becoming a demon slayer.
The Hashira to be in center stage this chapter will be Mitsuri Kanroji, The love Hashira. Hantengu the upper...

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Just Finished Season 2 and now I regret Binging fast because I run out of episodes to watch. I will be waiting next year again for the next arc.


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Mitsuri's sword is going to look interesting once it is animated because its a sword whip. We might wait for a year again before this is fully animated.

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