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It's Judgement Time!
Sorry if this is already a topic -- I didn't see one when I searched. This anime has been out since 2012 in Japan, so it's not exactly new. I've recently started watching the first season on Netflix. I really like it so far. The first half is really good. However, the second half has turned into a hentai-fetish series unfortunately. I still like it but at the same time, most of the episodes are being taken up by explicit fan-service shots and storylines about incest and suggested molestation, cheating, or tentacle rape. It's pretty god awful. I just don't understand why they took such a great concept and just turned it into another jerk-off show. Regardless, it definitely has it's awesome moments.


Yeah. The series peaked during the fight where Kirito unleashed Nittou-Ryu for the first time. The end twist of the SAO arc was pretty decent, but almost everything in-between was just inserted in as fan-service. The fairy MMO was entirely unnecessary.

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