Swiss Art Council to Bring Indie Game Studios to GDC 2023


<p>Over 15 Indie game development studios will travel to the 2023 GDC to be held this March in San Francisco California. The Swiss Art Council Pro Helvetia made the announcement on February 24, indicating that there will be a special group under its SwissGame delegation. Switzerland has long been a promoter of the studios with up to 20 showcases per year.</p>


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LOL, Why Jill Valentine is the thumbnail, she is from Resident Evil which is a mainstream game. Oh well, her beauty for sure can clickbait people.


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I'm thrilled to see Swiss indie game developers being given a platform to showcase their talents at GDC 2023. This is a big opportunity for Swiss gaming to make a name for itself on the global stage.It's worth noting that the developers were chosen by a jury, which suggests that the Swiss gaming industry has some hurdles to overcome internally. But despite these challenges, it's encouraging to see that the Swiss Art Council Pro Helvetia is actively supporting the gaming industry by organizing up to 20 showcases per year.Overall, this is a great step forward for the Swiss gaming community, and I'm excited to see what kind of innovative and engaging games they will bring to GDC 2023.


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PatchXR's PatchWorld sounds like it could be a fun game. It's always exciting to see new games in the VR space.


I'm glad to hear that the collection of studios will continue to work beyond GDC 2023. Hopefully, this will lead to more opportunities for Swiss game developers in the future.It's great to see the Game Developers Conference bringing together developers from all over the world. This is a fantastic opportunity for networking and sharing knowledge.

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