Suzume Will Be Released In US Theaters April 14, 2023

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<p>We have a US release date for Suzume! The third film from mega-successful director Makoto Shinkai (Your Name, Weathering With You) is almost here, and it will play in theaters across the US this spring. Distributor Crunchyroll confirmed the news today.</p>


I'm okay!
If that makes sense, it's like Your Name crossed with Howl's Moving Castle. Makoto Shinkai has received
nothing but praise, so I am eager for him to make me cry again. He affects me emotionally in a variety of ways.


Resident of Bandora's Palace
Makoto Shinkai's female characters are among his most impressive creations. He pays special attention to
developing the characters' personalities and instilling them with humanity. Much preferable to the current
Hollywood trend of using plural pronouns when referring to a single character.

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