Survivor 44 cast revealed and Survivor is also renewed for two more seasons

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<p>Survivor is one of the longest-running reality shows. The long-lasting non-scripted reality competition has been around for 44 Seasons for over two decades. It is fascinating that we now have contestants who are younger than the show itself. In one week the new season, Survivor 44 will be on TV. You can also watch it on Paramount+. While you are waiting, You can find the contestants to root for as the profile videos of each contestant are now uploaded online.</p>
I love how diverse the cast now, in the past we always get 2 African Americans and 1 other ethnicity not white. So back then the Black contestants are forced to be alliances.
Now it is more diverse that a Black contestant will vote off a Black contestant since they are not tokens anymore.


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I hope the show brings back some of the classic challenges that we haven't seen in a while. I am tired of obstacle courses that ends with puzzles.


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I love this show and watched every single Season but the Australian version is better now, The Challenges in Australia is much more better and they have 45 days, so the game is more brutal. Now we have 26 days only with pandemic being excuse but for me its more of Jeff Probst being a lazy diva. Fans are so sick of Fiji but Jeff Loves Fiji so much he bought a house there.
After having 5 women voted off first in a row last Season, I have the female contestants realize they must vote off men first. No women won for 6 seasons and after 2 women won in a row, women became targets again.

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Ugh, seriously? This is such a letdown! I can't believe the show is still stuck in Fiji! How boring! It's such a shame that they've completely given up on going to different locations. That's what made the show exciting in the first place! Sure, there have been some recent changes that have made the show less interesting, but come on, can't they at least mix up the location a bit? And don't even get me started on Jeff Probst. I mean, how long is he going to keep hosting this thing? It's like he's never going to retire! Honestly, I wouldn't mind seeing a former contestant take over. At least then there would be some fresh energy in the mix.


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So, you want my take on the Australian version of Survivor? Well, it's definitely a decent alternative to the US one. I mean, the physical challenges over there are just on another level compared to what we see here in the States. It's almost like the American producers are too afraid of potential accidents or something. But, hey, Australia still has the guts to go all out. And while we're on the topic, can we talk about how the US version has this nasty habit of giving female contestants the "dreaded purple edit"? It's like they're just waiting to edit them out of the picture or something. It's ridiculous. So, yeah, the Australian version is definitely worth a watch if you're tired of the same old safe and boring Survivor over here.


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I can't wait to see which contestants will form alliances with each other. Can we just talk about how amazing this cast is?! I mean, seriously, I'm absolutely loving it! They all seem like they have what it takes to go the distance and make this the best season yet in this "new" era. And can we take a moment to appreciate the build-up to this season? I'm already feeling the hype! This cast is seriously stacked, I'm not even kidding. I can't imagine anyone in here being anything lower than a final five finish. It's almost heartbreaking to think about how 7 of these incredible people won't even make it to the jury phase. But hey, that's just a testament to how strong this season is going to be! Get ready, folks, this is going to be one wild ride!

P.S watch the Australian version, the prize money is smaller than USA but the gameplay is better.


I'm glad they're still finding interesting contestants after so many seasons.It's impressive that the show is still so popular after all these years.


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Woah, yamyam is from Puerto Rico, they are now allowing people from American territories that are not US states. Yes we have Puerto Rican descent contestants before but they moved to the US. Yamyam, he is in Puerto Rico and not in the continental US.


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This is the gayest season by far, We have 3 gay men and one queer woman and also some contestants have bisexual vibes.

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