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The zombie survival game DayZ has received a new update this week. QoL improvements, more craftable items and the return of a fan favorite event are the highlights.
Look for new items to craft like a cookware stand, a bone knife (made from bones, natch), a gas mask filter and a belt made from rope. The gas mask filter can be refilled with charcoal tablets, but they can become damaged over time, at which point you can just make another one.New items to find include a meat tenderizer, a cleaver, and a pitchfork.
Also: DayZ’s popular Walpurgis Night event is returning. From now through May 9, you’ll find infected witches and burning bonfires all over the map. You can spread the fire by lighting a Birch Broom, turning it into a weapon (this will only work during the event). Items you can earn during Walpurgis include a Witch Hat, Hood, Cauldron, and Crooked Nose. It all goes away May 9 so get your witch on while you can.
DayZ’s full update notes lie below.
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So, aside from the certain new stuff we saw at the ending of the trailer. In the trailer, there was a lot of great new stuff to see. The butcher knife and the mallet, for example. There was also an improvised campfire cooking stand, as well as what seemed to be handmade gloves and a mask. There was also a cooking timer on the table while it was displaying non-gameplay video of the weaponry. A slew of new amazing features that may be in the game in the future.


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The only update I want is to make this game Hack proof, dealing with hackers makes me quit playing this game. Hackers should not have a place in a multiplayer game.