Suppose if i work in 2012 2013 ,2014season of power rangers

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Look i know you closed my thread "I submitted my story concepts top the Power rangers audition email" because i annoy you right,well this time i wont annoy cause im writing this thread as a "what if?" You see when i watch samurai me and those kids like them even though some older fans especially me has mixed reaction to it and most of the older fans hate it ,but suppose if i work as a member of the power rangers crew in either 2012,2013 or 2014 i can relocate the filming location to Canada because most of the extras are perfect in changing their accent from Canadian to american,I can create american made mecha's which is not similar to their source material but based on them (if we can allow toei to help us),If i were working with the crew in 2013 the 20th anniversary of power rangers and if gokaiger is adapted i will give elements of the previous power ranger elements like transportation,a Battlelizer for the red ranger ,a new type of alpha,returning some older actors, and give some homages to previous power ranger seasons,and to show that SPD and RPM takes place in an alternate timeline dimension.


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And your point is...what, exactly? Haven't you gotten answers enough from your previous threads?

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I have left open the other thread you made regarding this topic actually.... so you didn't need to make another.

And a similar question was asked there.... what do you up to get from these threads?

Closing this one... don't open anymore please and use the one you got going first. :)
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