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The story goes that one fateful evening, a video game store clerk came across a magical console that could not only take more than one game, but blend them together. He had no idea where it came from or who traded it in, but after he cleaned the cockroaches out of it, it worked perfectly! Thus begins the story behind SuperMash, a game that defies genres because that’s the whole point.
What to do? Mash the games, then play ’em. But be careful! It’s not a flawless process and you’ll have deadly glitches to deal with. You can combat the glitches by applying Dev Cards, which represent various characters, enemies, environments, and other additions. Many of the games are parodies of familiar classics. If you always wanted to see what it would look like if the Metroid universe was rendered in the 8-bit Final Fantasy style, here you go.

Mash together six unique 2D game genres, including Metrovania, Shoot ‘em Up, Stealth, Platformer, JRPG, and Action Adventure. Each can be combined with...
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