Superman And Lois Set For March 14 Return

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<p>The CW has finally set a return date for what will very probably be the last season of Superman And Lois. It’s a pity, really. It’s a classy show and Bitsie Tulloch has become one of our favorite Lois Lanes ever filmed. But the circumstances can’t be helped — the network is dying.</p>
I hope this final season will not end with a cliff hanger especially because it is the fate of the 90s version of Lois and Clarke. I don't what WB did to themselves and why they end up in this massive financial problem. Is it because of the merger? CW use to be the tv station where I have confidence shows wont get canceled. Now it's worse than Fox. At least Fox renewed Cleaning Lady.


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We now live in an era where a Spring Season premiere sitcom from Fox have a higher renewal rate than a Warner Bros content. David Zaslav have a punchable face after all the mess he dis ever since he took over. I cannot stand him. That guy is such a douche. I despise knowing the names of the producers and showrunners who ruined intellectual property worth hundreds of billions of dollars if implemented right. This show have potential for more Seasons but the new CEO WB have a hobby of spitting on the face of his target audience. Does he even love television? How did he get his job.


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If this is the final Season they better give us a proper finale. it is not so much to ask. I do not want another Legends of Tomorrow situation. We have 90 days of waiting before the new season but I don't feel a enthusiastic because of the recent events. They just need to end the show in Season 3 because their fate is uncertain because of the current CEO of WBD is doing what Vince Mcmahon and Nick Khan did to WWE last year.


I was also interested in a few of these things. If the first episode of Season 3 comes out in March, the whole season might be shown all at once. The only thing that might be a little bit of a worry is whether or not this changes the dates for renewals. The fans will like that. The only thing that worries me is if fans will like it or not. I was looking forward to hearing what would happen in the show's fourth season, but if the CW wants to see how well it does in the ratings before making a decision, the renewal announcement will probably also be delayed. In any case, I'm still really looking forward to season 3, and March seems like a long time ago. Even though I know that everyone else is negative, I'm still sure that season 4 will be made. The third season is going to be a huge hit.


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In Season 2 it never felt like they are married because Clark and Lois doesnt have much scenes together. Season 3 needs to fix that, they are married couple with 2 sons! We need to see them more together.


Manifesting more seasons of Arcane
The CW has recently made the decision to cancel a number of its long-running series. Who among us knows what the CW plans to broadcast on its network in the coming years, and who among us has access to this information?


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I heard rumors that the show runners are trying to negotiate with Amazon Prime so they can save the show before it gets canceled.

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