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Did anyone here watch the HBO documentary SuperHeroes about the real life super hero movement where some of the individuals involved actually go in patrol to look for crimes to stop while others just give food to the homeless and give to people in need. I worry about the saftey of those who go to stop crimes and those that do this and don't have proper combat training.

[ame=""]Superheroes HBO Trailer - YouTube[/ame]

[ame=""]Life and Thanatos - YouTube[/ame]

[ame=""]The New York Initiative - YouTube[/ame]

[ame=""]Team Justice - YouTube[/ame]
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Learned about this on The Soup. Sounds completely retarded, just like all reality programs.:sayin:


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I think it's only a film from what I saw but while their intentions are well placed, I still wonder why do they have to be so flamboyant about it? I lol'ed at that guy who had that messy apartment watching Power Rangers and getting his butt handed to him at a tournament ,but it was not as bad as Lucid whose tattoos are probably easily traceable so I surmise he will be easily targeted in the next few months after the documentary hits full swing. But seriously, why not just take a cue from the ninja and bring them down in the dark of night and bring justice like that and not call any attention whatsoever?

It makes me want to screw with them and negate them or surpass them by being an ordinary person without any of that , because it just seems cowardly to hide behind a costume for anonymity. But Master Legend... he is such a hobo!

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I watched it this weekend. It's good as far as documentaries go and I think it did a good job of displaying these people's good intentions but also demonstrating why it is not a good idea to have untrained people running around in costume.

BTW, one of the guys in the movie was totally watching PR: Mystic Force. I think it later showed him watching a bootleg copy of KR V3 as well.