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When Melissa Benoist dons the tights for the last time on The CW’s Supergirl, that won’t be the end of the character But the next time you see her, she may look a bit different.
WB is still planning on making a movie out of The Flash, and today we got the surprise news that the first DC Cinematic Universe version of Supergirl (if you don’t count Helen Slater) will make her appearance in that movie. Who’s it gonna be? No one you’ve heard of.
Deadline says this is intentional. No one knew who Gal Gadot was before Wonder Woman, and that movie was their biggest DCEU hit to date, so they plan on repeating the process by finding a newcomer and raising her up as a pillar of the DCEU. Yes, this more than likely means a Supergirl movie, especially if The Flash does good business.
Over 400 actresses auditioned for the Supergirl role, but only one could land the job:...

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