Super Sentai Tamashi VS Hero Getter

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[ame=""]Super Sentai Tamashii - YouTube[/ame]


[ame=""]Super Sentai Hero Getter [Full Edit] - GOKAIGER Ending Theme - YouTube[/ame]

Personally, i do like Super Sentai Tamashi, but I don't find the song as catchy as Hero Getter.

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This is a tough choice.

I mean SST had that Samba vibe when they were describing the entire history, but SSHG is kinda that new-age DDR song that everyone would enjoy listening too. Plus, it gives me that spark to dance and do the Sentais' respective poses.

So, I would go with both.


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^ same here. I love both of them equally and I actually like how they kept some of the original lyrics from SST in SSHG.

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As catchy as it is, Hero Getter is kinda generic. Tamashii has a more unique samba beat, and having both genders in the vocals is a nice touch.

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