Super Robot Chogokin Thread - News and Reviews


the new Mazinkaizer SKL is popping Up now. Is Black Getter, Grendizer & Spazer, and God Sigma the only figures being released in the next 3-5 months?

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So SOC Daizyujin is pretty awesome, but I don't think he is $300 awesome. I'm glad I only paid $180 for him. Don't get me wrong, the details on this thing are amazing. I love how show accurate the individual dinosaurs are. The articulation on them is pretty great and I absolutely love Tyrannosaurus. In addition, I'm pretty impressed with how they did Triceratops with the tank treads that come out and the horns with the chains attached. That is some really nice detail.

I do think the tank mode is a little overly complicated, but god damn the combined for rocks. I do wish the knees could bent a little bit more than they do, but overall, it's wonderful. It is so nice to have a more show accurate set that has sculpted and painted details rather than lame stickers. He is a massive improvement over the Legacy version and the main reason to keep that is for the combined form.

I'll definitely be keeping my eyes open for Dragon Ceasar, however, like Daizyujin, I will most likely wait for a sale.

Anyway, here are a butt load of pictures:


Dr Kain

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King Brachion arrived today:

Honestly, had I not sold off my Legacy Titanus to pay for 2/3rds of him, I probably would have been a bit disappointed. He's great and all, I love the detail work and I love that they have a piece to connect Daizyujin to Brachion's shell piece so he doesn't tip over, but the arm and chest pieces do not like to stay attached. They fall off if you sneeze too loud. Plus, the gloves are extremely heavy, so it's hard to keep his arms up with them on.

Nevertheless, I love having the entire trio together with completely matching looks as I really feel like they are the dino gods from Zyuranger.