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Bandai's new line of figures based on the chogokin franchise.

Here's the official site:

Compact x Impact

Current figures are available for pre-order and will be coming out in August and October:

Super Robot Chogokin Mazinger Z (
Super Robot Chogokin Mazinger Z Weapon set (
Super Robot Chogokin Great Mazinger (
Super Robot Chogokin Alteisen (

Here's the wiki page for future reference:

Some images:

A lot more picture here - from Ngee Khiong's blog:

Additional pictures:

Prices are comparable to Revoltechs and SHFiguarts. These figures (as per the wiki) are all die-cast.


Tamashii Nations Prototype Pictures (source - Ngee Khiong's blog):

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Same here. As per the wiki page, here are the upcoming SRCs:

DGG-XAM1 Dygenguar
DGG-XAM2 Außenseiter
Gear Fighter Dendoh
Choujuuoh Kiba Gear
Knight Fighter Orge
Brave Reideen
God Reideen
Battle Fever Robo


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Well that's not "Super Robot" per se, so I think Bandai's not gonna go with that.
It's in the list. New screen captures uploaded coming Ngee Khiong's Blog. The wiki also says that the line includes Super Sentai. :thumbs:


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Holy ****, this line is going to include a Kiba?! I think Kiba only got one other toy, which became so absurdly collectible that I've only ever seen it behind glass for like $120 at a Mandarake. Online prices are worse, and it's not even a very good toy!

I plan on buying up the entire Dendoh line for Super Robot Chogokin, these sculpts look great. There's never been a really poseable Knight Ogre and the one really poseable Dendoh they issued was a limited-edition high grade model kit of some sort that rapidly became super-collectible due to limited run.

(I checked prices about 5 years ago and that kit went for like $500, it's probably worse now.)


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Here's a List of mechs I want to show up in SRC:
Side Super Robot anime:
UFO Dai Apollon
The Nagahama Robot Trilogy (Combattler, Voltes, Daimos)
The Eldran trilogy (if ever, since Sunrise owns rights to the shows)
New Getter, Shin Mazinger and 2005 Gaiking

Side Super Robot Sentai:
Flash King
Five Robo
Jet Icarus
Time Robo Alpha

Side Super Robot Metal Hero: (if they will make some)
DaiLeon (Juspion)
Kabuterios (BF Kabuto)


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It's in the list. New screen captures uploaded coming Ngee Khiong's Blog. The wiki also says that the line includes Super Sentai. :thumbs:
Wow, really? Sorry my bad then, should've really read the list properly.

I guess then it'll be a first where Super Sentai mecha aren't just huge blocks,eh? I'll be watching to see how Bandai pulls this off.


i want my Dyzengar now :(
And please make LiOh and Ialdabaoth too, Bandai :D

Dendoh is tempting too. I think if this line is as success as SHF and Dendoh series sells good, maybe they will make other animal(Gattling Boar, Dragon Flare, Unicorn Drill, Leo Circle, Viper Whip, etc) as Tamashii Web exclusive like Kibarrow and BladeBlade for SHF:redface2:


^ Dendoh is second on my list, but if the animals like you said becomes exclusive I'm fine with just Dendoh itself >.<


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The original Data Weapon toys weren't bad so I wouldn't want a "show-perfect" version of them. Maybe a Unicorn Drill and Leo Circle that could actually be combined into Kiba, but I'm pretty sure the in-show Kiba transformation footage cheats.


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Sweet! I wonder if this line will eventually replace Soul Of Chogokin.
It's possible... ;) Like for KR, they had Souchaku Henshin Figures, and then was replaced by S.H. Figuarts. The specs shows that this line is maybe smaller. The nice thing is (from what I read), that this will have full die-cast. I'm crossing my fingers on that.

Inner Workings for Mazinger Z:

More here:

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