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It could be in the "And More" category of games after all.Besides,the family games they advertise over there are already announced games,CH isn't...yet.


did Knight had really strong moveset back then? I had played CHOOO (My 1st CH game) but didn't really remember much about Knight.

edit: saw one video in YT. From just one combo strings I can tell Knight base form was pretty neat back then :3
while in SCH, Knight's default normal and Forward+normal has the same attack combos lol, and nothing useful from his other normal combos....Yeah, he's pretty much being nerfed very hard >.<
its not nerfed, it's likely that they were moved to a new character, lazily, most likely Saga or Sasword...that's how they operate in CH, which is why most of the base/alternate forms that were great in CH/CHW/CHOOO now look like (almost unplayable)crap

which is why i welcome BW with its measly 18 character roster with joy, knowing that each and every character would most likely be awesome, i was mostly right in that, with only 2~3 characters disappointing me


I don't think we will get the game announced before TGS. Gaim airs in October so they might shift the release to the first half of 2014.

toku games never really centered on gaming events, they usually coincide with a toku movie, and hence the closest we can get might be anywhere near Wizard X Gaim Movie wars release date, and it might be CH, or AR or BW, nobody knows yet. but there should be a rider game to coincide with that

Ultra Rider

What about the Gaim Summer Special that's suppossed to be shown this or next week.

As for Knight,he got nerfed,but it's not like his moveset wasn't an overpowered IXA Burst Mode moveset in the first place.

BW is like that due to better budget and less characters to work with + Most of those are already known from CH,so it's not totally fair to give it praise without acknowledging CH's advancements first.

Anyway,been playing Heat The Soul 6,aka what's touted to be the best Bleach fighter before SONY lost the license and...it really fits the formula of CH indeed as it seems like Eighting tries to make their anime games progress like that,starting from incompetent button mashers to more fighter-like games while keeping the theme.

If they could add the systems I added some pages ago plus add some sort of combo refinement of the system to be more like HTS 6's[each character has around 20 different combos,not counting a neutral,back,up and down system,compared to CH's back,forward,neutral and side system,which leaves one side out and hampers aerial combat a bit].Also,some sort of Soul Codes system for CH...make into some sort of Rider Refinement system,not unlike the one presented in Super Hero Mode but much better.The Gauges are already functioning like the Souls in HTS,we could have a Custom Gauge right about now.

HTS 6's biggest draw was more about it being secretely actually good,with the refined combat being up in front of our faces,but not really needed to play the game,as the Bleach lovers had the game set in easy as a default format.CH could do the same and up the AI in later difficulties tremendously and make it a decent challenge.


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toku games never really centered on gaming events, they usually coincide with a toku movie, and hence the closest we can get might be anywhere near Wizard X Gaim Movie wars release date, and it might be CH, or AR or BW, nobody knows yet. but there should be a rider game to coincide with that

Yes and no.

They always brought Toku games to the TGS so that customers can have an avant-gout of the game.


All I know is in the next Climax Heroes I'm hoping Stronger makes it in alongside of Apollo Geist and a few other folks from All Kamen Rider Generation 2 like ZX and X

Ultra Rider

Apollo is quite difficult to put in as a character,he isn't even a Rider...Shadow Moon gets a free pass,kinda,but Apollo is stretching it to absurd levels.As a boss though,that's really easy to do.

As for more Showa riders,that's a given.They really need to pay tribute to Stronger.It is after all the year that Araki left us...

ZX,I don't know,but X and Stronger are probably the bestest bets for Showa riders before any other.

Wizard needs to have a Red Gauge that let's him start as any form and be able to transform into the dragons depending on the direction pressed and have All-Dragon as his finisher.Kinda like the Red Gauge Version of his current Green Gauge style.Aslo the Dragons need the Copy and dual wielding styles.

As for Infinity...I kinda get the feeling he is best suited as a Grey Gauge rather than a Red gauge,but that's just me.I just feel that the Assault Combos feel like they fit Infinity's dominating fighting style of "Don't touch me".

Beast...I just hope Hyper gets to use both the Saber and the Gun at once.It's bad enough we don't have Rising IXA to do that,at least have Beast Hyper like that.
Hi guys, this is my first time posting, but I've been following this thread for a while. Anyways, does anyone still have the guide that Black Shroud made? I went through this whole thread, but all of the links are now dead except the very first version of the guide.

Ultra Rider

Well, I had the resto of my summer to consider how things could get better for the game...and now that we've reached the inevitable sixth main installment[Dragon knight doesn't count], things could become more like a competent game, like Eighting did with Heat The Soul 6. And speaking of that, it helped that I replayed it and picked up on the more interesting functions it had that were later copy-gimped in SCH, despite it making them more unique.

So, without further delay, I give you...my guide fo CH to become better in every aspect.

Controls and gameplay!

- Full button configuration, first step to anything!

- The system will be revamped from the current "Neutral, Forward , Sideways" combo system it has and will instead feature Heat The Soul's more elaborate combo system of "Neutral, Upwards / Rising, Downwards / Crouching, Forward and Backwards / Grab" combo system.

- On that note, the combos for the character should change to actually matter now. Each character should have at least 10 different combos.[HTS characters had around 15 different combos from the start of HTS 3,not counting the basic neutral / directions combos].

- Instead of having the L button as the start-up for the Rider Art, have it be the Guard instead, giving full motion range to the characters.

- On that same topic, the Riders should have far more Guard options :

I.)The normal Guard we already have up until now, hold down to keep it up, constantly using Guard Guage while the Guard is up.

II.)Just Guard : guard at the exact same time a normal or heavy attack connects to Perfectly guard an attack without the loss of the Guard Gauge.

III.)Counter Guard : While Guarding and the opponent is hitting, the player must press the R trigger to initiate the Counter Guard and stun the enemy momentarilly, but at the cost of a quarter of the Guard Gauge.

IV.)Counter : While guarding from and enemy attack, the player must the O button to execute a quick counter and sent the opponent slightly away from him while dealing small damage. Costs a quarter / an eighth of the Special Gauge.

V.)The last option is for the Armour-type characters only : the player holds down the L button to keep the Guard up and presses any direction on the D-Pad / Analog to do the awesome Titan Kuuga walk and reflect / tank everything, at the cost of more Guard Gauge being spent with each hit of course. These characters are :

1.)Shadow Moon
2.)Black RX Roborider
3.)Kuuga Titan + Kuuga Rising Titan
4.)Ultimate Kuuga
5.)All the Ryuki Riders while having the Guard Vent
6.)Den-O Axe Form
7.)Kiva Dogga form
9.)OOO SaGouZo

- Add proper jump cancels and Upwards / Rising combos that can connect to an aerial combo. HTS's may have scarcelly featured that system but CH needs it for MAXIMUM RIDER POWER!

- The R Trigger will no longer be useless on its own.Instead, it will be the Personal Action Button of each rider, granting some with some really weird actions, like teleportation for Odin, the crooked Super-speed for Accel Trial etc.

- Rider Acrobatics should be present in the game in a better way than now. By using the movement buttons, characters should be able to execute different acrobatics. Of course, not all riders would have the same Rider Acrobatics :

I.)Dashing. By pressing the movement buttons towards the opponent twice, the Rider is able to run faster and almost instantly close the gap between opponents.

II.)Rolling. By pressing the movement button twice in any direction, the characters performs a short distance roll to avoid anything that's coming towards him.

III.)Backflips. By pressing the movement buttons away for the opponent twice, then the Rider will perform a backlip.

IV.)Cartwheel. By pressing the movement buttons sideways of the opponent twice, the rider will execute a cartwheel to avoid everything.

V.)Blinking. By pressing the movement buttons twice in any direction, the Rider will cover the distance of two to three steps but will be completely impervious during the blinking and re-appearring animations. Only Odin and the Kabuto riders can do that. And Infinity.

VI.)Aerial Dash. By pressing the jump button twice, the riders will execute an aerial dash that will cover a decent distance to try and close the gap between them and the opponent.

VII.)Aerial Tricks. By pressing the jump button twice, the riders will do an aerial trick to move to any direction, if given by the movement buttons, by executing a small flip in the air, a small dive etc, covering some really small distance but avoiding aerial hazzards.

- All of the Armour-type characters should have the Reflect Dash (R Trigger) on the Ground and have the Aerial Dash.

- The Rider Arts are now instantaneous by pressing the L trigger(Guard) and the O button(Special Attack) at the same time and now waste about a quarter of the energy bar.

- The special attacks now cost about an eighth of the special gauge.

- The finishers should now be done by pressing the Square button(Soft Attack) and the O button(Special Attack) or the X button(Heavy Attack) and the O button(Special Attack), like in Bleach Heat The Soul, another game by Eighting, so that the Riders with multiple finishers can employ them that way.

Options and Fixing!

- Up the difficulty in a smart way. Heat The Soul always used a 5 point system when it came to difficulty and damage, CH should adopt that, even without them being numbered, like now. Make the conceal smart though and let the difficulties have great differences between them. Have the 5th / Hardest difficulty actually be challenging for once.

- Put the far superior Special Attacks from Battride War to those who need it, like Kuuga for example. And some part of the moveset wouldn't be bad.

- The Life Gauge should recover much faster to even have significance, like in Tatsunoko Vs Capcom.

- Fix the SFX.

- Make the arenas a bit bigger.

Afterthoughs / Suggestions!

- The Rider Gauges will mostly fuse into one for maximum versality and now the forms will mostly change like that :

the Up direction makes the character transform into the form the player has selected for him / her, the Right and Left directions scroll through the transformations or summons / ways to summon, depending on the character and the Down direction is used for summoning, if the character doesn't have a summon then it's used for a quick cancellation of the transformation.

The "gauges" will still function exactly like they do now, the Greens will not change the characters stats and will not cost anything, the Reds will upgrade the characters but will cost an entire gauge, the Oranges etc...you get the point, they will be indicated like that :

The Rider's belt will be on display at the bottom of the screen,instead of the emblem next to the special gauge and it will change to reflect the change. For example Kuuga's belt will become blue when you select Dragon and when you transform the belt will do the sound etc the transformation.

And there you have it...pretty much what will make CH be the next best thing the rider fans will be able to enjoy...granted, it doesn't get cancelled or "LOL!Wii'd so no complex crap". That excuse is getting pretty stupid since even Tatsunoko Vs Capcom had the option for a "Stylish Battle" [aka Stupid Mode, like Blazblue's "Stylish Battle", basically let's the game do the combos for you and complex moves for you] for the kiddies that refuse to buy a proper controller and stick with the Wiimote.


hey guys i have a problem with the wii version: everytime i exit from super hero mode it cancels the progresses made; i have even unlocked the special missions with the passwords but if i go out ti change some options in option mode and then i want to continue i have to start everything from the beginning

Could someone help me,please?
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