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Writer/director Aaron Pagniano (We Got a Monkey’s Paw) is preparing to debut his next picture, the vampire horror pic Sunset On The River Styx, at the 2020 Cinequest Film & Creativity Festival. We Got A Monkey’s Paw screened there last year and won awards.
Will is a perpetually depressed bus driver from Florida, whose mood changes once he lands himself a girlfriend — Ashe, a woman with an outlook on life as bleak as his is. Little does Will know Ashe is into the macabre for more than one reason…she’s part of a death cult led by a real-life vampire.
In attendance during a dark ritual, Will winds up interrupting the rite, causing a fracture in time and space that strands him and Ashe in the wasteland between life and death. Worst date ever! Can they find their way out?
Sunset on the River Styx stars Phillip Andre Botello as Will, Jacqueline Jandrell as Ashe, Cory Vaughn and Avery Pohl. Travis Campbell, Joseph Papa, and Jesse Zhu served as producers and Debi Bismarck and Beth...
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