SUMMER WARS Talkback.....

anyone enjoyed this movie....? I actually enjoyed it a lot...

[ame=""]YouTube - Summer Wars - Theatrical Trailer - In Select Theaters Dec '10 - DVD/BD Spring '11[/ame]

PSI Ground

pictures of fish
I saw this when funi had it in a few theaters

Went to a nearby one, they had it, watched it, enjoyed it


School Days
Summer Wars is pretty entertaining. I like the family part of the movie. Reminds me of all those family get togethers I'd go to. Getting OZ back in order reminds me a lot of PSN trying to get back in order:laugh:

Kaji Motomiya

I think it's the same person who did that movie, according to Wiki. That, or it's the same director.

I watched this movie before it came out in the US via subs. I loved the **** out of it.


レイモン (雷蒙)
Yeah, me too. Hopefully the same director will do another anime movie similar to this & The Girl Who Leapt Through Time.

Savior Den-o

The Meteor has landed
I loved this movie, it a bit of everything to make it lovable and entertaining.

Also, during the end where the whole family was singing that song for the funeral of Grandma , you can see one of the family member was wearing a Kamen Rider mask, just letting you know that :thumbs: