Sep 13, 2008

Sumioni: Demon Arts is getting a new character; Mitsuhime is her name, and in traditional hero-esque fashion, you're objective is to save her. Famitsu, the popular Japanese gaming magazine, has also said that the game will feature exactly three endings to choose from. Including three endings increases the replay value of the game, so I'm all for it!

So what exactly is Sumioni you say? Well, Sumioni is a side-scrolling action game that mixes platforming elemnts into the fray. What really makes this game stand out is it's art style. Sumioni's visuals resemble those of a sumi-e, an East Asian brush painting mostly found in East Asian caligraphy. Sumioni's art style really makes the game stand out, from the way it highlights it's more darker colors, to it's willingness to trade in highly-detailed textures for a more unique look at things. Sumioni also manages to squeeze in some brush mechanics that will have you drawing platforms to ascend to greater heights, and summoning lightning to smite your foes, all with the Vita's front touch screen. Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think of this game!

[ame=""][PS Vita] Sumioni HD Gameplay Intro Trailer [] - YouTube[/ame]

Sumioni: Demon Arts is being developed by ACQUIRE Corp. and is being published by XSEED in North America. Currently, XSEED is shooting for a spring release for this magnificent title.
The Great Me
Nov 9, 2008
My feelings about this is best described like this::thumbs::castlerock::buttrock::nipponlove: :megarock: