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For a long time now I’ve heard strategy game fans sing the praises of the Suikoden series, specifically the first and second game. I could not confirm their boasts of Suikoden II being one of the best strategy games of all time because it’s ridiculously expensive and always has been. I’m talking the days before ALL retro video games gained unreasonable prices…Suikoden II cost a king’s ransom back when game collecting was a thing the average person could affordably do.
There WAS a reprieve for a while in the form of the Playstation 3 Classics version of Suikoden II, and though I believe it’s still obtainable if you plug your PS3 back in (though I’m not completely sure), no one is going to be looking there. And it didn’t seem like Konami really cared anymore. ….But we’re glad to be proven wrong!
Suikoden 1 and 2 are getting an HD makeover and will be reissued in one package on modern systems. The upgrades will...

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The best JRPG I've ever played. The game's characters, soundtrack, and other distinctive elements make it stand out. It is now at last receiving the love it deserves! Additionally, the Eiyuden Chronicles are on the way. Few games deserve remasters as much as these two do. These amazing games were only marred by their English translations; perhaps now they can shine as brilliantly as they actually deserve!


This is fantastic, and even though Konami is only a pale imitation of what it once was, I think they manage the remaster packages very well. Finally, compared to the originals, which sell for laughably exorbitant rates on the used market, these two fantastic JRPGs can be far more affordable. Despite having a ton of fantastic titles in their library, Konami chose to concentrate on Pachinko and let their game titles rot.I frigging hate Konami.


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I'm really pleased about this, but watching that battle was excruciating. It was difficult to watch them waste their healing powers and have Viktor, a character with some of the greatest physical assaults in the game, depend entirely on rune scrolls. This player's choice of party members feels incredibly dubious.Anyway, I'm very looking forward to this release. excited to see it


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I'm so moved right now that I cannot help but cry and I even get chills! My all-time favorite role-playing games are Suikoden 1 and 2, and I've completed both of them so many times that I've lost track. The majority of people will undoubtedly bring up Final Fantasy 7 or another role-playing game, but my top picks are Suikoden 1 and 2. So sentimental!


In conclusion, I would want to express my gratitude to Konami for reviving these series. When I found out that my all-time favorite video game from my childhood is going to be re-released, I was so overjoyed that I couldn't even find the words to explain how happy I am about it. I beg you to continue this with subsequent installments.


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Take note, Square Enix: the remastered versions of 16-bit games should look just like this. HD backdrops while still maintaining the original character sprites. Try to avoid the temptation to just AI-upscale everything and call it a day. The remaster of Final Fantasy Pixel is a complete and utter failure.


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Aside from a select few other games, Suikoden 2 is among my favorites. I'm overjoyed to hear that this is receiving an HD remake. in a very long time I have not touched Suikoden 1. I almost decided to play it again not too long ago, but now I'm glad I didn't. Absolutely dying to get my hands on these games.


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Both Suikoden I and II rank among my all-time favorite role-playing games. These are some of the best video games ever made. That gave me the chills and took me back to my young adult years at the same time. Now I might actually need a PlayStation 5!