Stunt Choreography, Matt Mullins, and Mark Dacascos

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Inui Takumi

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What was it like doing some the stunts yourself for KRDK? What is difficult and did you get help from your co-stars like Matt Mullins or Mike Moh.

Do you still keep in contact with any of the cast and/or crew? I know Matt Mullins guested on a short you did. Do you still keep in touch with him?

And, what was it like to act with and fight alongside Mark Dacascos? And cool and/or interesting stories to share about him?


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I didn't get to do too many stunts myself, mainly because I was under 18 during most of the production. However since, I've really beefed up my fighting skills...though I have no monsters to fight...

Still talk to quite a few actually, in fact I think Matt owes me 20 bucks...jerk.

Mark's a cool guy, I remember walking past his trailer and seeing him do a 1,000 push ups every two seconds...guy is a total beast.
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