Street Fighter V Revealed As PS4 Exclusive

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Street Fighter V Revealed As PS4 Exclusive

A teaser trailer revealing Capcom's Street Fighter V, apparently meant to debut during the Video Game Awards tonight, was accidentally made public a bit early on Capcom's YouTube channel this morning. A NeoGAF user caught the teaser and posted its link, which shortly led to Capcom setting the video to "private," but not before others were able to copy the trailer and the word was officially out.

And the game is not for XBox! It will be exclusive to the PC and the PS4, at least for now (we know...
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Street Fighter V is also coming out for PC (which I am SO excited about)!! I guess since Killer Instinct was a Xbox One exclusive, PS4 and PC owners get an exclusive too. The trailer looks so great and you can see the next generation greatness in full effect. I think it has a slight Tekken feel to it, it it's grittier tone and all. Capcom definitely has another classic on their hands.
Personally, I just wish these companies would stop with the exclusives. It's just like when they say sex sells a product: "If you're product was good, you wouldn't need sex to sell it." The same applies to this, minus the sex part. This applies to ALL the consoles. Not just PlayStation, not just Xbox, not just Wii/U and not just ANY other console that wants to jump into the mix in the near future. You may be a company, yes, but you're limiting the sells of those that make and produce these games. So, if you call yourself a gamer within that company, you should be pissed. Whether you support the system or not, there's going to be those that are going to be out of luck.