Street Fighter Timeline Explained
The Street Fighter franchise is One of the most lasting Fighting Game franchises. Street Fighter 6 is out of the horizon, and it is the first sequel in the game that felt like a sequel storywise. Some fans thought there were only 6 Street Fighter Games, but this game had more than 20 Street Fighter Games released.
The Street Fighter Universe is different from our World because it is set mainly in the 90s but a futuristic version.
90s technology is rampant in the Street Fighter Universe. Crimson Viper uses a Motorola/Nokia Oldschool phone on her entrance. The Video Games they play in this World still use cartridges. Despite the decade-appropriate technologies, some things are too futuristic for the 90s.
The Kanzuki family has a space colony, which does not exist in the 90s.
Karin enjoying Tea in Outer space...

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I love the fact they decided to age Street Fighter characters but I hope they will slow down again. I do not want to see Ryu, Ken and Chun-li on their 60s. I am upset how Capcom Aggressively aged Resident Evil characters because they want to age characters in real time. Street Fighter 7,8,9 should be within the same decade too.


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I am Still Bitter on how Chun-li has been treated like a Jobber in Street Fighter V story mode.

Midori Ken

I like the fact the characters are older now. Look Aging is the best thing that happened to Cammy because she wears pants now.


Street Fighter 6 is the biggest risk Capcom had taken. They had been playing safe with the midquel Limbo the characters are stuck on for a decade.


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Sakura and Karin will be on their 30s in Street Fighter 6 and they debuted as Teenagers. Most Street Fighter III characters are teens, so they will be on their 20s in Street Fighter 6. Lilly and Li-fen could be the new teen representation.
If a Street Fighter game is set in 2022, Ryu will be 57 because he was born in July 21, 1964 and Chun-li who is born in March 1, 1968 will be 58. Sakura who was born in March 15, 1977 will be 45 years old in present day. She will look awkward on her school Uniform.


No Wonder Street Fighter Characters are stuck in the 90s for a long time. They will be senior citizens and middle aged if they aged in real time.


The World Warrior
I grew up playing Street fighter. Leon and Chun-li aging makes me feel I grew up with them. I aged with them.

Shin Gouki

Captain Commando and Strider Hiryu are also part of the Street Fighter Timeline but during the future. Rival Schools was in Street Fighter Universe post 3rd strike.

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