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Street Fighter characters are the ones who started it all. Now Ryu and Chun-li joined another crossover  after their Stint at Fortnite and Power Rangers but this time they will go Chibi. Brawlhalla is a Free to play platform fighting game. It is often compared to Smash Bros but it has 2d graphics instead. The game started with a roster of original characters but eventually, DLC guest characters from different franchises started joining the brawl. You can make characters from franchises that never met fight each other.
Two up to four players can juke it up in a fight because its a platform fighter. Brawlhalla became a permanent fixture in the Esports scene. There had been multiple  Brawlhalla tournaments and the community is big enough to keep this game relevant. The crossover dlcs kept on getting big franchises. You can now See Street Fighter characters fight characters from Steven...
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