Street Fighter 6 got announced after the Capcom Countdown timer finally runs out.  
 In Street Fighter IV, Capcom decided to go 3d, but they kept using a cell-shaded art style that looked similar to the Aesthetics of Street Fighter II. Now, Ryu looks like a Tekken character, as Capcom decided to do away from the cell-shaded Anime Aesthetics. Now Ryu looks realistic as we see skin pores and sweat on his shirtless torso. His “Hot Ryu” Costume from Street Fighter V might be his new default outfit now.
The Intro ends with Luke, groomed as the new face of the series. Luke is about to fight Ryu, and the trailer ends.
Street Fighter 6 announcement Trailer

Ryu and Luke are the first two...

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Capcom, Luke is like Fetch, Stop trying to make him happen. Rasheed and Karin should be the face of Street Fighter from now on. People play them on tournaments and they have the best stories in Street Fighter V. The realism makes me think they are using RE Engine. Ryu looking like an Asianized Chris Redfield. I was hoping to see them looking like Udon comics but instead we have this uncanny Valley creepiness. Capcom please have Arcade mode, Cinematic Story mode, Story mode and Survival mode available at launch. Single player mode should be at launch for the sake of the casuals. Casuals bring more money than the esports crowd.


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This art style was their original vision for Streetfighter V, but Capcom cowered to take such a risk. After playing safe in 2 games, they finally pull the trigger. Now they have taken the chance because it will keep the series fresh. I hope our Vanilla roster will be more extensive than Street Fighter V. I want the initial roster to have at least 30 characters. I am tired of minor base rosters.


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Luke Taking over as a new character is brilliant because he has a more excellent storyline. He lost his father to a terrorist attack, and he wanted to continue his heroism by entering the military. Luke also becomes a fighter because this lad looks for a reason to exist in this world. I don't mind the new art style and Ryu looking like a Hobo makes sense because he wanders around the world on foot to find his true rival.

The story mode better treats Chun-li better. Making her the favorite punching bag of the villains is insulting for the so-called strongest woman in the world. I hope the designers will make the Asian characters look Asian or at least of Asian descent. Now that they have a realistic drawing style, they have no excuse to give everyone the same face syndrome. Also, Can we have at least one male character who is lean and not muscular?


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Luke is actually fun to play as. I like zoning and he is the perfect zoning character and very easy to learn too.

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The statement of going for a realistic route means Twelve, Dhalsim and Necro wont be returning because they are nightmare to animate.


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Realistic may also means female characters will be less sexualized. If Cammy is returning, she will be wearing pants.


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Please have a bigger vanilla roster! Street Fighter V was launched with barebones content so I hope that Capcom learns their lesson in Street Fighter 6.


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My Girl Chun-Li better made this game. Street Fighter 3 flops because it took Capcom the 3rd strike edition before they add her. Also she better not be the punching bag of Story mode.