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Street Fighter 6 won’t just let the Tekken 8 trailer steal their thunder. People are still shaken by the Juri and Kimberly reveal but there is more.  This sequel is not yet over from getting people’s attention. So Capcom now reveals new game modes to look forward to for Street Fighter 6. E.Honda, Ken Masters, Blanka, and Dhalsim also join the roster. We now get to see their new character models for this new, more realistic aesthetic too.
Street Fighter 6 – World Tour, Fighting Ground, Battle Hub Game Mode Trailer

The World Tour
The World Tour Serves as the game’s story mode. You must make a new character who will explore the streets of Metro City. There you will get to meet the characters of Street Fighter Universe. You will start as a student for the main character Luke. As you go...

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And all that I can see is just another Lemon tree
Those custom characters are banned from tournaments right?

Sure Your Ken

She took the kids Ryu
This game appears to have the potential to accomplish the seemingly unachievable and provide a comprehensive experience that is acceptable for both casual and serious players. I can scarcely wait because this seems to be of the best quality. Never in a million years did I imagine that I would see the day when Capcom truly tries to make a nice narrative mode; but, after more than 20 years, we have arrived at that point, and the player lounge appears to have been created by the gods.


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It's amazing to consider that all of the world's finest warriors have established their own dojos to pass on their knowledge to upcoming fighters. Since they are all conscious that they will not live forever, they have all decided to impart their wisdom to future generations. Together, they have all helped to defeat the greatest evil.


It seems like the creators of Street Fighter 6 will have a lot of success with this iteration in the series because there is a lot of content that may keep players interested. This is like the opposite of Street Fighter V which suffered from bare bones content upon release.


Blank have projectiles now? He uses the Blanka-chan dolls to electrocute his opponent.


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Gender Identity is also part of character creations, so you can choose your character's pronouns regardless of what they look like.


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I hate that they made new songs for legacy characters. I still prefer their classic themes.