Street Fighter 6 released its first announced trailer after the teaser months ago. The last teaser Reveals Ryu and Luke as the first two initial roster characters. Luke debuted in Street Fighter V as a DLC character in Street Fighter V. Capcom has been pushing him as the franchise’s new face as Usual Ryu and Chun-li are part of the launch. They are the two characters who will make it no matter what. Ryu and Chun-li debuted with new costumes as their default.
Jamie is a new challenger, and This Drunken Fist fighter seems to be Luke’s Rival. He is the Ken to Luke’s Ryu. Another character to be introduced is Kimberly, the first Black female in the roster since Elena. I cannot count Laura Matsuda because she is of mixed race lineage.
Street Fighter 6 announce trailer

Street Fighter 6 introduces a single-player mode where the character your play roams around the Metro city. Street...

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They set it in Metro City yet not a single Final Fight character is in the Vanilla roster. What is with the plain boring names like Lily, Mimi, Jamie and Kimberly.


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I hope the characters I like will be in DLC at least. I am a Cody main and my dude is not on this game despite the Metro City setting. Chun-li is a mom now? Wow they aged the character this time around.
Lin-fen is adopted by Chun-li so Capcom finds a way to keep Chun-li a virgin and become a mom at the same time. Creepy fans hate it when their female character is in a relationship. Jamie is a refreshing character because most Drunken fist characters are old men, This guy looks under 25. The Drinking Age in Hong Kong is 18.


I wonder if Mimi was the former Shadoloo Doll Fevrier, they are both French and Pink haired.


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E.Honda is a wasted slot, Nobody plays him. They could have given his slot to a Street Fighter III character.


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I am sad no new country gets represented on this game. Tekken recently have representatives from Poland, Philippines, Thailand,Spain Italy and Monaco. Street Fighter have no new countries, They got representatives from countries with characters before. Also we got more American and Japanese characters.

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Crossing my fingers that I wont wait for half a decade before my character mains become DLC.I want my characters to become available as early as possible.
Is Marisa's hair a badly modeled Bob or is that a helmet. I know she is not suppose to be a pretty girl but her hair bothers me. They need to remodel it. I believe Lilly was the former Shadoloo Doll Noembelu.


I am glad there is a new Street Fighter Game because I am disturbed that most Gen Z thought Chun-li and Ryu are Fortnite characters.


Crossing my fingers my mains won't make me wait for 5 years before they become DLC. I hope my favorite characters will be on the first batch of DLC.

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