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Florida-based game studio Metaverse is made up of industry veterans who have served time on Far Cry, Halo 3, Warface, League of Legends and other titles. Now they’re working for themselves and creating a narrative turn-based strategy RPG called Angelic. They’ve gradually been revealing more and more about the game through a vlog series.
In Angelic, you’re exploring a dark and hostile science fiction universe in a spaceship you customize. Build your crew by recruiting heroes to your side, then level them up and customize their attire to your liking. You’ll need all the friends you can get — this galaxy is quite corrupt and full of dangers both human and nonhuman.
In their latest vlog, Metaverse introduces two more heroes: sorceress Odile the Black Swan, and alien warrior Rumbrogon. Odile used to be a soprano and ballerina before she…changed. Post-infestation, she looks quite different, but she wants to stop the dark forces plaguing the universe just as much as you do. Rumbrogon is a...
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