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An episode with a Length of a movie? No wonder it is the most expensive Netflix show right now. Max is flying? She is going to have powers?


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When this show started, most of the cast are little kids and now they are legal to vote. It makes me feel kind of ancient and old. Millie Bobby Brown was like a little girl when the show started and now she have a boyfriend.


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I already schedule a notification from my Netflix account. It is the only Netflix show I have confidence to follow with all my heart because it wont get axed. I love that they said it will end in Season 5. Which means we finally get to complete this show and have a satisfying ending.


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My Avatar and Username is enough evidence I am the biggest Stranger Things fan here. I am avoiding the internet to avoid spoilers. I will be working out for a week as preparation for the release because I will finish this in one sitting.


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The New Villain looks badass!

I wish Netflix renews partnership with Dead by Daylight, so I can buy more Steve and Nancy Cosmetics and this Villain will become a killer.


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Max is going to be the central character of this season base from the trailers. Elle lost her powers too.


The monster is going to be Billy, I saw an Instagram photo of Dacre Montgomery having prosthetic applied to him.


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Netflix is going to lose a lot once this show is over because this is the only one that keeps them together.

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The New Season is now uploaded in my Netflix! I will be watching in few hours.I usually uncancel my Netflix account whenever Stranger Things is on.


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I am already three episodes in and its so good. The budget is movie tier! Netflix really poured their wallet for this.