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Three thoughts going into the Stranger Things 4 season finale:
One, despite being “off the air” for three whole years, the series remains as popular as it ever was, packing the cultural oomph to propel a Kate Bush single from 1985 into the #1 spot and have everybody singing it.
Two, I’ve noticed that when you mention any new story about a bunch of kids saving the world, people don’t assume you’re ripping off The Goonies or ET anymore. They say you’re ripping off Stranger Things. The IP has become so popular that it’s replacing what inspired it. The same happened with Star Wars, which was inspired by old space epics like Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers, but soon took their place.
Three, despite spending billions and billions, so far Netflix has failed to come up with anything else that hits this kind of cross-generational cultural impact. They’ve made shows that are popular with adults, and popular with kids, but never both at once, or on this level.
I mean, just….think about all that...

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My theory explains why Vecna steals the eyes and vines from his victims: Only Vecna has eyes that are upside down. Everything is interconnected because we know the body is a hive. I believe Vecna steals the information from his victim's eyes and utilizes it to create maps. Bob claims that the vines are a map in season 2. So perhaps he is dispersing wider to create a larger map, reach more victims, and open more gates. Vecna hasn't ventured outside in a very long time. When he was young, he got placed in a coma, kept in the lab for who knows how long, and then thrown the upside-down.

He hasn't even seen the outside world in a while. He presumably has no memory of what Hawkins used to look like before he came. Perhaps he does this to view the world through his victims' eyes. I also noted that he employs the vines much like Professor X employs Cerebro to locate mutants. Vecna uses the vines as a visual map when she is attached to them. They aid in his victim identification.


The fact that the gate was first opened in 1983 and that Hawkins was stuck there may also help to explain how Vecna was able to see through his vines, as time may not matter in the upside-down (the STU), where it may even be eternal.


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I already know that this volume will consume all of my feelings in a wave of uncontrollable chills. I'm excited and want to see Eddie in a role and what Eleven does. Although we all know that's probably not going to happen, I want everyone to be safe. The Duffers did an incredible job directing this gem, and every performer in this season gave outstanding performances.


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One of the best trailers I've ever seen is this one. The marketing team demonstrated their expertise by releasing the episodes in this way. At this moment, I genuinely believe that only Eleven will not die. This trailer begs the viewer to love these characters since at least one, possibly more, will be lost. I was gobsmacked by this season so far. After the first season, in my opinion, the show ought to have terminated. However, this season sure makes up for it. What a fantastic season it has been thus far. I'm eager for it to be over.


Knowing there will be one more season after this makes it seem even crazier that this won't be the end. That implies that the anticipation for that season must equal or surpass the current one because nothing I can think of is more incredible than this hype!

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