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Yesterday’s post of the Stranger Things 4 trailer generated a discussion in the comments section about who could possibly croak in the upcoming finale. Some readers were more pessimistic than others, but nothing topped this:

A Season 5 where every major character except El has been dumped would be….unexpected, to say the least, and probably one of the biggest mistakes any show could ever make, so…I think I can safely write this possibility off. A Red Wedding episode is not imminent, no matter how the promotion suggests it.
If anything is clear by now, it’s that this show loves its characters and cannot bear to part with them. This is kind of a problem when you’re telling 80s horror stories because they require a body count to keep up tension. But there was an interview with the Duffers where they confessed they regretted...

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The Byers brothers, one of them. Sadly, the writers are unsure about how to handle them. Joyce would feel guilty for abandoning her sons. The teen group would be shocked (particularly if it's Will). Additionally, there would be tense drama if Jonathan passed away since Nancy would feel bad. This is the choice I dislike the least. Since I adored Will and Jonathan's characters in previous seasons and I can't bear to see Joyce go through this much, I wish the writers had tried more with them. At this point, tragedy porn is all that remains.

One of Will and Jonathan will die. Nancy seemed back with Steve for a reason.


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As Long as it is not Steve I will be happy. I wan't a happy ending for my favorite Ice Cream Scooper!


Since season 1, I don't believe anyone has been significantly involved or played a significant part. I believe that anyone who has been with us for the entire journey so far will make it to the last season, but since we are nearing the conclusion at that point, I believe that anyone is fair game during the final season. With That I believe Max or Robin will die. They are not OGs.


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One of Nancy,Jonathan or Steve will die. They are no longer teenagers and they were added in the show to add Teen perspective. Now Eleven and the Gang are teens, There is no more need for one of them.


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Robin because she had became irrelevant in Season 4 so what is the point of keeping her alive. Steve is also close to dying because his actor Joe Keery had become more popular than ever. Stranger Things might had become beneath him. He stopped waxing his chest to look like a teenager in Season 4. He is also pursuing a Music career.